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Quill Feature Requests

kristianolsonkristianolson Posts: 3
Tried to find a Quill feature request discussion, but was getting back results for all Oculus categories.

Anyway, some requests:

1) There should be Touch enabled shortcuts for:
- New Layer
- New Group
- Duplicate Layer
- Flip Horizontal (from creator's view, not the file's base Y axis)
- Flip Vertical (from creator's view, not the file's base X axis)
- Flip on Z Axis... maybe?
- Merge Layer Down
- Merge Group
- Scroll through Brushes
- Select All on Layer
- Select All in Layer Group
- Select All in all Layers

2) I think the active layer (the one your brush stokes apply to) should, by default, have the Move button clicked. And maybe have a Touch shortcut that will un-click it (and click it back again). You should be able to set this in settings.

3) When you create a new layer, it should become the active layer and have the move button clicked.

4) Add Multiply, Darken, Lighten, and Screen color modes for layers.

5) Add the ability to use fonts and maybe give us some 3D effects like extrude. I think this would be an advantage in terms of creators being able to tell stories. It would be great if everyone could have a narrator, but I doubt that will always be the case. Plus typography IMO is part of the art.

6) And I guess, on that topic, give the ability to create or import vector shapes. Keep them editable if possible.

7) Texture and paint effects for strokes.

8) A snapping mechanism that allows you to easily paint on the surface of another layer. You should be able to adjust how far off that surface.

That's all. Thanks for an amazing, fun product.



  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    All great suggestions. Thanks for the writeup!

    (and yes - this is the right place to post)
  • wxyzwxyz Posts: 18
    Would be great to color pick off imported images.
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