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Black screen in CV1

EchzerEchzer Posts: 3
I bought the CV1. In the installation after: Set your view in VR (Continue in your headset) I put it on and it is black. I hear the sound, but doesn't see anything.
I tried to reinstall it a couple of time. 
The DK2 worked fine for me. Never had problems.

I have a asus r9 295x2(4 mini displayports and 1 dvi-d) 3 Monitors on 3 mini displayports and the rift is now on the 4th minidisplay port with an adapter ( tried a dvi-d -> hdmi adapter.

My motherboard is a bit older: ASUS P6T I have USB 2.0.
Windows 7 64 bit.
The light in the rift is now orange (not blinking). But it also was white (also not blinking).


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