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Robinson - The Journey

JettStilesJettStiles Posts: 175
So..anyone tried it out on the Rift yet? I'm tempted to buy it but am not sure if it really is a 40€-experience.
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  • Fredd32Fredd32 Posts: 251
    Nexus 6
    I read a review for the psvr version. Supposedly gorgeous game but the puzzles can be tedious and vague. I may give it a shot anyway though.
  • TazipamTazipam Posts: 3
    So..anyone tried it out on the Rift yet? I'm tempted to buy it but am not sure if it really is a 40€-experience.
    Actually just got my Rift and tried only couple of games. Robinson was the third on my list. Comparing with others it is a next step IMO. Great immersion and cool graphics. But too short.
  • ParadiseDecayParadiseDecay Posts: 510
    Really enjoying it so far, here's my thoughts during the game:

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  • dougchismdougchism Posts: 127
    I bought it, played it for a couple hours last night and I must say, I am a bit disappointed. The first issue, and this is my fault, I realized I dont really like games like this. Its not an exploration combat experience, its an item fetch and solve simple puzzles type, and unfortunately a lot of the puzzles are more of the "what am I supposed to do next" type. For some reason I thought I would be battling dinosaurs and traversing larger portions of the world, perhaps a bit of scavenging or something to survive in this hostile planet. So anyhow, thats not what this game is. 

    Secondly, the graphics are a bit of a let down. Clearly the game was scaled to run in VR on a PS4. It generally a step down in quality to the climb also by crytech. The texturing on the ground are rather poorly done, perhaps again due to limitations in horsepower. Environment art is well done, but the actual draw distance is rather short. Most of the far geometry is projected in 2D against the skybox. In screenshots it looks amazing but in game, its a bit of a let down. 

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