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Advice on buying a DK2 at this point?

RandyMarshRandyMarsh Posts: 2
edited December 2016 in Support

I know its pretty late in the game to purchase a DK2 at this point and its been covered a bit as to whether or not its still relevant, but I'm talking now, December 2016. I've come across a cheap one going for $250 (negotiable) locally and I'm tempted to go for it offering $200.

Thing is I'm a previous DK2 owner and sold it a while back for $900AUD in hopes of saving for the CV1, things have changed and getting the $1,300AUD + is not likely going to be happening anytime soon for the CV1, so this to me seems like a cheap chance to get back into VR which I've been dying to get back into, mobile VR just has not been cutting it.

Thing is I loved playing games like Windlands, the cool music visualizer experiences, a lot of the demos and the odd two to three games I actually played that worked at the time with VorpX (July-Sep 2015) and want to get back into them.

Question: Taking into account the latest; firmware, runtimes, drivers, compatibility etc, IS the DK2 still able to get a decent use out of. Not finding anything recent online, is it still compatible with the Oculus Home app? will it still be able to run some of the content there as well as on Steam VR? Are there many well known VR games out there that you know of that are still DK2 compatible? Just wondering if its worth the $200 and if I can still get a decent experience from it with the fear of compatibility issues and outdated software/firmware.

Also to add my PC specs are; Windows 10/7 (2 drives if needed one OS over the other) GTX 760, AMD 8350, 16GB ram, it handled the DK2 fine with my experiences back in mid 2015 but taking into account the latest firmware/runtime needs I also want to be wary of that, thanks to anyone who can offer their thoughts and advice!


  • MaxxgoldMaxxgold Posts: 518
    I would not buy it for that price. Maybe 100 dollars, maybe. It's getting ready to go unsupported soon if not already with Oculus Home, at least that is what I have heard. 

    That being said you can still play a lot of content with it, and you don't get the obnoxious god-rays, so maybe it's worth it : )

  • MagicMan22MagicMan22 Posts: 5
    This is probably waay too late (Only just been back here) I have a DK2 with the new 1.3 home running on it. And it is just sweet. I don't have the best PC either, and everything works just fine! (Win 7, 16gb ram, amd A8 6600k, gtx 950) I have tried loads of free demos, and bought Ocean Rift and Apollo 11... All run very well. I would definitely get a DK2, especially as they are popping up on eBay cheap ;-) 
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player

    Advice on buying a DK2 at this point?

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