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VR tours from 360 images

theKristheKris Posts: 6
Hey guys,

I just found an awesome app called theViewer. It lets me create VR tours from the 360 images I render on Corona. Being an architect, I find this extremely awesome.

Can anyone suggest other apps of this kind?


  • theKristheKris Posts: 6
    Cool news!

    theViewer is now the number #1 best rated app on the GearVR store.Check it out guys, its awesome!
  • GelkerGelker Posts: 15
    I liked that, could separate our personal projects from the rest of the other images.
    You have to download the collection to get to the project I posted, not being able to skip this step and taking too long. Fixing this point and being faster in image processing this app is our best option currently, but it looks like it will be charging as was the scope
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