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"G2A Land"? WTF oculus?

Daemon_ImpulseDaemon_Impulse Posts: 12
are you serious guys? is it my imagination or are you really selling a product from that scam site on your store. They are reselling keys not only from the Oculus store itself but from other services obtained in shady ways and you're endorsing them?

You must really love to draw controversies to yourselves.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,486 Volunteer Moderator
    It's also currently in Steam green light, which is funny because Steam auto censors any mention of the name "G2A" from discussions. So the threads about it on green light need to change the name slightly.

  • Daemon_ImpulseDaemon_Impulse Posts: 12
    hahaha I didn't know they were trying to get green lit on steam. I also find it funny that they don't sell the product on their website, meaning that you have to get the cd-key legitimately. :D
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