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Error: could not load this quill document

pixelpushinfreakpixelpushinfreak Posts: 3
I saved out a scene, and upon trying to re-open later, it errors saying "could not load this quill document"

Anyone know how I might fix it? Or what may have happened, so that I can avoid it in the future?



  • pixelpushinfreakpixelpushinfreak Posts: 3
    Just realized it may be helpful if I attach the scene folder 
  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Seems your empty layer (newlayer10) had a crazy bounding box. I deleted it and everything seems to be good. Uploading the fixed file here.
  • pixelpushinfreakpixelpushinfreak Posts: 3
    Oh wow thanks! I hadn't really expected this to get resolved. I appreciate you taking the time!
  • gianpaol0gianpaol0 Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    I'm seeming to have the same issues as pixelpushinfreak.  I think it was because on some of the startups of Quill, I couldn't move the layers without having the crosshair button active on the root layer. I've read in other discussions that you (Chorne) said that's a major issue.  Could you take a look at my file, its 85 mb so it's too big to send over this discussion, but here's the link
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