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Overlay chat windows in Quill for streamers

romanguroromanguro Posts: 7
How can I overlay Youtube chat windows in Quill?
This is a very important feature for streamers.
Vive users can do this with OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal
But I did not find any solution for Oculus users.
..any idea?

Probably Oculus need some kind of notification feature, the same as GearVR have..


  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    I dont have an answer......but I'm curious where you're streaming? Would love to tune in.
  • romanguroromanguro Posts: 7
    I found a solution!
    This service allows you to hear everything that people write in the YouTube chat during the stream.

    My youtube channel is
    but the main language of the channel is Russian :)
    And there wasn't any VR stream yet))
    Anyway I think VR is a big next step for digital artists and Quill one of the best app on the market right now.
    So I plan to do a review for artists and stream a lot in the near future.

  • NeubaujeNeubauje Posts: 4
    I was wondering this same thing! The closest I could get was doing a forced window overlay with a 3rd party program, OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal, which only works through Steam, and because Quill isn't available in Steam, I ended up having to buy Google Tiltbrush just for the sole purpose of being able to sculpt while seeing my chat box on Twitch. And compared to Quill, Tiltbrush just seems... counter-intuitive and restrictive.
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