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Quill errors/Stops working on launch

wp_storylabwp_storylab Posts: 2
I setup oculus touch and it is working correctly. I've purchased and downloaded Quill. When I launch it either from my PC or the Rift it crashes. The error message that is given is "Quill has stopped working" - the generic windows error.

I'm on Windows 8.1 pro and my video drivers are up to date. I've also tried it with all the different combinations of monitor ports.

I've attached my crash logs. Hopefully this is helpful 


  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Are you running SLI? 
  • wp_storylabwp_storylab Posts: 2
    Thanks for responding Chorne. I don't know what SLI is so I'm going to say "no"? Does it mean Nvidia SLI setup?  I can double check once you respond. Thanks again.
  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Yeah meaning do you have two graphics cards in your machine that are joined using the Nvidia SLI bridge. Looking at your debug output - it seemed like something that might be the cause - and I'm not entirely sure if that's something we've tested.

    P.S. I've also sent you a direct message on the forums
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