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Request for someones netserver.cfg

asusualasusual Posts: 13
I still cannot setup my oculus cv1. I looked at my logs and I saw a line about netserver.cfg is failed to open. When I loooked in the folder there was no netserver.cfg file. May I request someones netserver.cfg file who are using an oculus rift cv1. Thanks in advance


  • asusualasusual Posts: 13
    You can just copy paste here. Thanks
  • asusualasusual Posts: 13
    Please, Anybody?
  • gamefan101gamefan101 Posts: 194
    There is nothing in my netserver.cfg file other than a reference to the remote control.  And my file hasn't changed since last July. 

    Try creating an empty file with the same name.  All my file contains is this (which is of no use to you because your remote will have a different ID) ....

        "LastSeenRemote":    "WMSD602K5007J3"

  • asusualasusual Posts: 13
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