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Cube Brush doesn't export

nickladdnickladd Posts: 12 Oculus Start Member
Hi guys, I've made a few paintings in Quill and discovered that whenever I try to export my file (both as FBX and ABC) to open in Maya they import without any of geometry drawn with the cube brush. Is there a known fix for this? 


  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Hey nickladd,
    This is a known bug. We've (possibly) fixed this in an internal build. Send me the file and I'll see if it works.
  • joedanimationjoedanimation Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    @chorne  That's good to hear.  I'm avoiding using the brush altogether until you guys release a version that works, but it's a really useful brush because of how low poly it is.  Looking forward to the working cube brush :)
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