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New update screwed up my 360Photos folder structure and make content disappear. How to solve?

vr.walktheroomvr.walktheroom Posts: 1
Recently there was an update (oculus - samsung gear VR) making my uploaded folders in the 360Photos app disappear as well as part of my content.
I used to update my own 360 panoramas by uploading them on the phone in the oculus folder /360Photos/. I could then Find them in the 360Photos app under /My Photos. However, after the last update, my content lost all structure and not all are loaded (i.e. I cant find them) allthough all are visible on the phone. Does not seem to be related to name of the panoramas or their folders (worked previously and there is no pattern in the names that load).

Please help since this is a true issue for me and my clients that use the Gear VR to see their panoramas.

Does anyone have the same issue and how did you get around it?


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