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VR Video Broken After Update?

CoolBIueCoolBIue Posts: 5
edited April 2017 in Support
This is related to Gear VR:

I've been using VR Video to play my own videos for quite some time now and I've never had an issue with it before, but ever since the big update, I'm facing a bunch of issues.

First issue (Biggest issue): Now there's a line stretching from the top to the bottom of my vision where the video wraps around and meets. It looks ridiculous and really breaks the immersion. I've tried different resolutions and formats and the line is still there. This has never happened before... it only started after the big update (the update where the VR Video background environment was completely removed from the application).

Second issue: I used to be able to drag my finger across the VR controller to re-orient the screen, but when I do that it just fast forwards the video now.... So how do I re-orient the screen now? I can't figure it out...

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S6, but I've never had problems before. Not until after recent updates.

Is there a way to go back and use the older versions VR Video? Please? It was so perfect, but now everything's broken for me... :(


  • CoolBIueCoolBIue Posts: 5
    To anyone else having this issue, I've found a solution!  I've downloaded Skybox VR Player and it works perfectly! Works like the old Oculus Video back when it was good.
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