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The Cosmotic Mission - Kickstarted game

ThetaREZThetaREZ Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
Hello all, 

I'm boot strapping a Oculus game called, "The Cosmotic Mission." Check out some game footage.

Any feedback is welcome.

Want to know more about this project, or you want to get it cheap, check out my Kickstarter page:


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Interesting. The video is really dark though, I can barely make out the objects.
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  • ThetaREZThetaREZ Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    I agree, in the HMD it's all right though. It's hard to show off a VR game, no stereo vision, different optics and (for me) dark screen cap.
  • JohnVRfanJohnVRfan Posts: 17
    A bit dark but it looks nice. Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign!
  • ThetaREZThetaREZ Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    Hello everyone, the game got approved: check it out -
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