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View Dependent Layer Transparency

JoshBowmanJoshBowman Posts: 5
I've just started using Quill and LOVE. IT. TO. PIECES.

Here's a couple of things for feedback:

Feature Requests:

One thing I'd really like to see implemented though after a bit of messing around is a way to have entire layer visibility be view angle dependent with the ability to also select the starting angle from which things in the layer are made visible.

The reason for this is that I'd really love to do 'view angle' dependent animation, however, I'd like everything from a layer to be view-dependent rather than individual paint strokes made from the same direct (it's difficult to judge distances and angles from a single view). If it's also possible to set the limits for the angle from which the layer can be viewed, that would also be swell.

Just something to consider, I know there are probably a list of features as long as your arm that you're working towards implementing already :)

Some textured brushes would be wonderful, such as pastel, charcoal, and oil.

Also, a handheld camera option in the software would be an excellent addition (TiltBrush's works very very well, and is the only feature in TiltBrush that I think worth bringing to Quill).

Not sure why but I get a lot of flipping models when using the two triggers combo to rotate and scale, I haven't experienced this in TiltBrush at all so I'm guessing it's a software issue in Quill.
I find that I also see a lot more shake when I rotate my drawings around, something that I don't notice in TiltBrush at all, is it possible to implement some sort of motion smoothing while in rotate/translate mode?

Thanks for making such an awesome app!!


  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Thanks for the great feedback! This is the first time I've heard suggestion #1 so I'll forward that to the team. The others are all known and currently on the roadmap.

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