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Right Touch battery dead, Left Touch battery still FULL?

StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 232
Nexus 6
 I got my touch controllers at launch and I've been using the included AA batteries.   Last week the right touch controller stopped working and I noticed it's battery was completely dead, while the left hand controller still has full power left in the battery.

 Is anyone else noticed the right hand controller draining battery is faster than the left hand? I asume they don't get approximatlely the same amount of use, so it seems odd that the right one would be completely dead while the left controller still has full power. 

 Mostly just got a bad set of batteries from Oculus? 


  • GreymanGreyman Posts: 1,326
    Maybe or maybe there is a problem with the power connection inside your right controller.  Have you tried swapping the batteries over or just putting a new one in the right controller?
  • Mace404Mace404 Posts: 208
    Nexus 6
    The dominant hand effect  :D
    Try using menu's etc with your other hand, evens out the battery usage a bit
  • StreetPreacherStreetPreacher Posts: 232
    Nexus 6
    You really think it's due to the right controller getting more use?  Even when you're using menus I would assume that both controllers are still powered on.

    Also, the right battery went completely flat, while the left battery was still showing FULL power in the oculus setup...

    Guess no one else has noticed similar behaviour then...  I guess I'll pop in a couple fresh batteries and see if the right controller goes flat prematurely again...
  • SyndroidSyndroid Posts: 242
    Nexus 6
    edited January 2017
    Maybe it is because of the haptics (and the dominant hand). I've read somewhere that the batteries can last about 30 hours without haptics and 20h with haptics.

    So you could try swapping your left and right battery after 10 hours or so :) 
  • Arock387Arock387 Posts: 729
    edited January 2017
    Zenbane said:
    Sounds like someone has been using their right hand way more than their left in VR. hmmm..   :*

    first time you have ever made me LOL..  Nice...

    on topic.  My controller indicators went from full to dead in the matter of three hours.  Of course I had been using them since launch and this was about two weeks ago.  But I do believe there may be something off with the way the controllers measure the battery?
  • MradrMradr Posts: 4,179 Valuable Player
    Also when you set them down - make sure they're not pressing any buttons or sticks - that can drain it out faster as well.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,220 Volunteer Moderator
    Syndroid said:
    Maybe it is because of the haptics (and the dominant hand).
    Yep, the right hand is more likely to have vibration due to shooting guns and interacting with stuff, which will drain the battery faster (at least a little bit).

    But a lot of people also say the right controller is more likely to glitch (I've had that too). Could it be glitching because it's battery is lower due to vibration motors? Or is there a fault in the design that makes it drain faster than the left?
    Are left handed people finding the left controller glitches more than the right or loses power first?

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  • neddycgoonneddycgoon Posts: 50
    Brain Burst
    Having thrashed my Touch controllers for over a month I had to change out my original batteries yesterday and did notice one side used a lot more battery than the other.Have to say Oculus really hit a home run with these controllers the batteries lasted ages and changing them was really easy.
  • Sinstalker21Sinstalker21 Posts: 253 Poster of the Week
    And this is why I bought a new pack of rechargeable batteries. lol  After using the Medium in which I was using my right hand more I ended up w/ a low battery warning.  Thank you extra batteries, lol.
  • KevinLongtimeKevinLongtime Posts: 283
    Nexus 6
    I've had this exact thing occur. The left controller should follow shortly to a dead state. My guess is that you are using Ni-MH rechargables like me. Appears the battery meters are setup for Alkaline batteries so you won't get an accurate reading when using Ni-MH batteries. They appear full until dead.

    I've posted this Reddit discussion a while back that has some good info on it:
  • SteffenSteffen Posts: 97
    Hiro Protagonist
    The same for me also right handed. I have noticed that I use the haptic of the right touch a whole lot when I play the baseball mini game. 
  • WarblokeWarbloke Posts: 931

    I set mine up on Christmas day and still using the same batteries that came with it.  So I imagine they must be getting low by now.  Being right handed I assume that gets more use for me as I do tend to shoot rocks in Dead & Buried while waiting on players.. and I do tend to use my right/ dominant hand for that and also for throwing cards at the enemy players.

    Probably in game as well - I imagine I shoot faster with my right.

    Will be interesting to check - but Id be surprised if the right isn't lower than the left.

    edit: (hand controllers)

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  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 793
    Yesterday my batteries in the controllers "finally" died, right during a conference.  (It's annoying because it will bother you with the popup and constantly throw you out whatever app you're in at the moment without the option to stay not using your controllers)

    The batteries lasted WELL over a month for me.
    They both died basically at exact the same time, so cannot confirm what the OP says.

    Now will see how long the Enerloop will last. The batteries before were some Chinese (?) ones which are probably the original the controllers came with.
  • thelivingrobotthelivingrobot Posts: 12
    Brain Burst
    I know this is an old thread, but I have this exact issue, and I'm left handed. My right touch drained a full battery in 2 days, not being used, while my left was still full. My right touch burns through batteries so fast that I've started just taking the battery out of it when I'm not playing.
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 793
    UHM...2 days? definitely NOT normal...looks like a short or something to me. RMA time for sure!
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Yeah, you may wish to contact us about that. It's not normal to drain battery that fast.
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  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,199
    I finally replaced my Touch batteries after nearly six months. The left lasted about two weeks more than the right, I'm guessing it's down to the haptics, as someone else said up above.
  • RhakinRhakin Posts: 1
    I know this is an old thread, but I have this exact issue, and I'm left handed. My right touch drained a full battery in 2 days, not being used, while my left was still full. My right touch burns through batteries so fast that I've started just taking the battery out of it when I'm not playing.
    Same thing is happening for me, batteries drains when the controllers are not in use. I replaced the batteries with brand new ones 4 times now over a period of little over a month and they just drain when they are not even being used.

    I'm always putting the controllers down so no buttons are being pressed but yet they drain regardless. Would have been nice if they had actually included an off switch to prevent accidental battery drainage. But i guess i'll have to take the battery out every time i stop using the controllers, which is quite inconvenient but this is getting ridiculous.
  • Myztkl-KevMyztkl-Kev Posts: 7
    to necro the thread again, im having a similar issue. I put my controllers down under a shelf out of view of the sensors and my left touch controller is still almost dead while right is full and im right handed, I mostly play Echo Arena and Onward so both controllers each get equal use.
  • BloomPetersBloomPeters Posts: 9
    Brain Burst
    There is a thing called Side chicks! i mean ready to use rechargeable! Swapping just like you do your relationships. So get a side chick i mean a few rechargeable's to keep controllers ready for new battery's. Then you can swap your GF (Battery's!) when you worn her out!.
  • Cpt_CustardCpt_Custard Posts: 135
    Im right handed and the right hand battery goes first. I swap the battery over half way through their charge to even it out. I also.swapped to 2500mah rechargeables and they work fine.
  • Salvate_2112Salvate_2112 Posts: 6
    Storing the controllers and headset out of the sensor pickup fields allows things to go to sleep and batteries will last a lot longer i have found. Also +1 for rechargeable !
  • SamuelHalversonSamuelHalverson Posts: 1
    Definitely a thing. I store both controllers in a drawer. The left controller is always dead after a few days, right controller is always fine. Even on a day I barely use either, two days later the left will be dead. I have changed the left controller's batteries at least 14 times now (no joke, maybe more) since I got them... the right controller I have only replaced the batteries once, and that was only because I hadn't thought they were draining differently and had a presentation to be ready for so just replaced all of them.
  • Duckhunter75Duckhunter75 Posts: 1
    I recently had this start happening.  After no use for a few days, come back and the right hand is completely dead, left completely full charge.  I now started storing the right controller with the battery taken out.  Curious if there is a fix or thought about causes on this.  I've always stored the unit and controllers in the original box.
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 2,078 Valuable Player
    Battery life in the Touch Controllers is atrocious. They don't go into sleep mode for hours. A 20 minute session costs you more than 2 hours of battery power.
    I slip a plastic strip between the battery and the terminal when they're not in use.
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  • JohnAnimannJohnAnimann Posts: 2
    Hahaha What odd for me, is that my dominate hand is the right, but my left controller dies after around 6 hours. While my right controller is about 80%. I deleted the memory and I am bout to bring it back to best buy and exchange it. I had it since the 21st and used many batteries and the outcome was always the same.
  • BlackMamba6669BlackMamba6669 Posts: 7
    Did anyone find a fix for this - I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but if you take the 'dead' battery out of the controller that is draining quickly, and place it in the other controller, you'll notice that it reads it at full power.
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