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Your Magic VR Moment



  • SatconcookSatconcook Posts: 12
    My first experience with VR was with the Gear VR at Six Flags. We stood in line for 2 hours, but I was determined to try it out. I was blown away and the next day purchased one myself. I went through every free thing there was at that point and started showing it off to friends. Some I would start them off light with an introductory to VR application, others I would drop into something like Sisters or Face your Fears. I then wanted to upgrade, but really wanted to be able to have hands instead of just more head movements. Now that the Oculus Rift and Touch are advertised everywhere, I couldn't resist and the VR world is so much more immersive now. Though I am amazed by several games I was amazed when I could see my hometown in 3D on Google Earth VR and can only imagine how much further it will take us, some places like the Devil's Tower, which I have never visited, looked amazingly detailed. Then I played Rec Room and this is how I imagined VR; a place to interact with people around the world, playing a variety of games and just pure nonsense at times. If this is only the first generation, I can only imagine where we will be in a few years.
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 792
    edited May 2017
    Not sure whether I wrote about this already.

    One WOW moment was with an experience where I actually didn't expect it at all.
    In a social VR app, someone made a very large minecraft world. For someone used to high-end graphics, at first it looked "weird" since the entire world is made from these "blocks" and doesn't actually look "real" by any means.

    In this minecraft world, there was lots of large buildings and a bunch of high towers.

    So I went to one of these towers to climb it. Imagine a rather simple tower, like 300m (?) or so tall, where an endless very narrow staircase wraps around the middle...and you climb the staircase to go higher and higher up the tower

    It started out "ok" since at first the staircase was enclosed with some walls, so you could not "fall down" since the walls prevented it. Halfway up the tower however, the staircase changed and it didn't have walls anymore. Just the steps, on the 4 sides of the tower, winding up and up. Every turn, I had to jump up a ledge to get to the next step.

    The sense of actual height and possibly falling was the most intense I ever had.

    While you walk around the sides of the tower, you look down. You see water down there, other buildings. You have a total sense of "being high up".

    What made the experience FRIGHTENING like crazy (I have never experienced something like it) was not only that there was no walls and you had to move carefully not to fall down the steps.

    It was that using the controllers, navigating was really wonky and you had to do precision movements to not "fall down" every time when you took your steps.

    It was sooooo nerve-wracking, I started sweating and really felt like FFFFUUUU I CAN'T DO THIS. I tried to avoid looking down into the landscape on the sides, and only looking at my feet. But it didn't help much.

    This was my most intense experience in VR since although I knew "it's only VR", my entire body was "freaking out" amazed me how VR can fool you like this. (Imagine these videos on Youtube from these Russian crazy climbers who climb all kinds of tall buildings...and the feeling when you watch them ..then you get a slight idea...)
  • Sterling77Sterling77 Posts: 509
    Robo Recall / Medium / tilt-brush / Arizona Sunshine / the LAB - just amazing, today was definitely Medium and the ease of creative, as a Zbrush user i have never experienced something so amazing as Medium, I'm so excited for the future :) 
  • JacobVRJacobVR Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    I had one of those "holy crap" moments last night in Google Earth VR when I was floating above Perth in Western Australia and just had the planet extending in all directions. I giggled and actually said "holy F#ck" (at which point my kids yelled "Dad!! don't swear")
  • Hakim55Hakim55 Posts: 1
    ok where can i find that opening video with the giant robot on the skyscraper? what is it called?
  • uKERuKER Posts: 162
    Hakim55 said:
    ok where can i find that opening video with the giant robot on the skyscraper? what is it called?
    Face your Fears
  • Gwiz84Gwiz84 Posts: 292
    Nexus 6
    Actually wtinessing the mountains of madness in Edge of Nowhere was an epic feeling for me. Probably because I'm a big Lovecraft fan. This is despite the game not being first person or having any touch functionality.

    The "Lost" demo when the giant robot stepped out in front of me made my jaw drop. Also really enjoyed the "introduction to virtual reality" demo (it's a shame most of the other 360 video content has such shitty quality it completely ruins the immersion).

    The Dreamdeck demo with the T-Rex was also pretty frickin sweet and along with the demo where you stand on top of a skyscraper (really gives you that feeling of height!).
  • MadarasMadaras Posts: 572
    Nexus 6
    The Virtual tour when I first put on CV1 was my wow moment. I also said that oh so cheesy phrase (when playing with the robot game where you're grabbing disk in low/no G and putting them in some printing device) "This is the future of gaming." It was incredible to be able to interact with the world. It was smoother and clearer than I had expected. No Screen door effect at all, if there was latency I couldn't tell. Everything was as I imagined it would be, but actually experiencing it was phenomenal. 
  • nAV2016nAV2016 Posts: 516
    edited May 2017
    i just played sports VR..I cannot believe i was in the game for so long..was playing pool and i completely got lost in the games hall..only thing missing is not being able to interact with people in there..otherwise its a great subsititute..but for me it was a moment where i realised the power of VR and how immersed one can be lost in it
  • leo1954auleo1954au Posts: 375
    Nexus 6
    When I first got my rift and tried Oculus Dreamdeck with the Tyrannosaurus Rex thumping around the corner was a WOW moment for me and First Contact with the Touch
  • ElpocElpoc Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Genuinely (not trying to troll) just had a serious 'wow' moment in SteamVR Home. The social experience there is exactly what I'm really hoping Oculus Rooms is going to be like. You have your (customisable!) Home space, you can bring up a menu and in literally a couple of clicks of a button, you can suddenly in a social 'room' chat with other players. You're able to talk to them while the room's environment downloads, and then you're plonked straight in. You have a huge range of things you can do; you can spawn, resize and place all sorts of models and primary volumes, you can customise your avatar basically to the limits of your imagination, you can have working gun models, gravity guns, all sorts of stuff. You can just spend time nipping around exploring the environments with other players.

    The best thing is it looks great and it's just so easy to quickly be in touch with/in a space with other players. I literally stopped after hanging out with this group of people for about 20 minutes and the thought, unbidden, crossed my mind; 'oh, this is what VR is meant to be about'.
    Fingers crossed the Oculus Rooms folks spend some time checking it out and seeing what does/doesn't work. I'm looking forward to seeing their implementation!
  • ZoomieZoomie Posts: 1,777 Valuable Player
    edited May 2017
    That's not trolling @Elpoc.  Trolling would be creating a brand new threat to tell us about it, adding that Oculus was obviously doomed to failure because Oculus Home doesn't have identical features.  Something something walled garden evil Facebook.

    Quick edit so my own post doesn't fall into the "destructive" category - I'm seeing a lot of positive buzz about Steam Home.  My allergies to Alder tress coincided with a heat wave this weekend so I didn't spend any time in VR.  I'll have to check it out this week.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C Clarke
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,154 Volunteer Moderator
    Yeah, I've been hearing good things as well. Been meaning to fire up SteamVR and have a look, but my long weekend was entirely spent working on the house. I'll have to try to find some time during the week.
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  • vrpatvrpat Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    Sightline: The Chair
    There was a scene where the brick walls began closing in as you turn around and it got tighter and tighter. And just as you think it's game over, the walls disappear and you're floating in space far above planet Earth. I just love how the developer had used those extreme opposites to blow my mind.

    Apollo 11 was another experience that did something to me, which I still haven't let go. After takeoff, as I was blasting away into space, I looked out the tiny little window on the side. There was Earth. And it was getting smaller. I thought to myself, that right there is the only home I've ever known. I'm leaving everything I know behind. There is a possibility I might never go back there. And then I thought about the importance of that historic event for human kind. When I catched that pencil slowly drifting past my head I just lost it.

    Then there's Tiltbrush, and Medium. I've always wanted to draw in mid-air since I was a kid. I used to run around imagining the trail following my fingers. And I just knew somehow I would do it someday. I saw Tiltbrush's early concepts where there were no controllers involved, but instead some kind of rotating canvas, which back then seemed awesome enough. Then Google acquired them and they went quiet for a while.

    In the meantime I got the Leap Motion, and tried some VR demos which actually let me draw in augmented reality. The early tracking on Leap Motion was nowhere close to what it is now. But it damned sure made me one of the first artists in the world realizing Pablo Picazzo's light-paintings in real-time. Now that creative applications like Tiltbrush, Quill and Medium are out there, I've had great artists that I look up to, see my work as well.

    It's one thing playing with VR alone in my apartment, but showing it to my friends and family and seeing their often extreme reactions to it made me realize how amazing it really was. I've scared grown men out of their chairs. I've made upcoming biologists cry at being finally able to see the giant jellyfish they were studying from the ocean floor. And I've had so many moments filled with laughter at all the crazy stuff VR let us do.

    I had an eight hour conversation with someone in Altspace once. I haven't even done that in real life. Which to me proved Social VR works, it's just not mainstream yet.

    Right now, just experimenting with what's available, doing things that have never been done before is what blows my mind. I'm not a developer yet, but I would love to be. There are stories to tell and genres to create.
  • vaimanvaiman Posts: 2

    Project Cars.

    I've done the track Spa Francorchamps numerous times previously and almost become bored with it. When I started it in VR... WOW. Nothing compares to it and I can't play the game any other way now.

  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,402 Volunteer Moderator

    My best moments come from demonstrating the Rift... from young kids to older family members, it's just priceless and there seems to be an experience that suits everyone.

    I'm much like Zoomie and chase those moments when I feel like a kid again... when I used to mess about on a ZX Spectrum with my brother. There aren't many things today that'll bring that back for either of us but I think it's happened a couple of times with the Rift.

    The Dreamdeck T-Rex was just superb, partly because I was worried about whether CV1 would live up to my hopes. The other was surprising, in that it's not a perfect experience, but using FSX with FlyInside and looking out of the Cessna windscreen at the stars while still on the runway felt incredibly real.

    The Touch demo/tutorial was another magic moment.

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  • e_m_d88e_m_d88 Posts: 372
    I think Star Trek Bridge Crew is going to be a wish come true on Tuesday.  But I really wish there was a Star Wars X-wing vs TIE fighter VR experience. That would be the cherry on top of the pie. 
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  • gr0bdagr0bda Posts: 273
    Nexus 6
    edited June 2017
    I was thinking what was my magic moment or maybe total WOW! Moment, and it had to be when I went to Best Buy to make sure that the expensive piece of equipment I was about to order is not gonna be some over-hyped toy. After placing the goggles on my head my first reaction was Oh I see the screen door effect! Then after the brief demonstration on how to use it I selected The Climb to see what the games are all about, it was cool, but I wasn't that impressed, it felt like I was pulling a screen downwards with my hands, rather than climbing. But then I asked the guy giving me demo what happens if I let go, and that was my WOW moment, the sensation of falling down was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I must've climbed and dropped down maybe 10 times before I completed the demo, but I was sold! When I got back home I walked to my computer and ordered the Rift.
    Since then there was plenty of WOW! Moments. Starting with First Contact.
  • VeraxusVeraxus Posts: 53
    Hiro Protagonist
    I played through all of Alien: Isolation on my DK2, but there's one particular moment that is far and away my favorite, most cherished gaming memory.

    The first several hours of gameplay are fairly uneventful. On a flat screen, it might have been tedious, but in VR I wasn't playing a game - I was legitimately stranded on a mostly-empty space station. It was eery and cool and I could take my time, like I was playing an adventure game. The game so successfully lured me into a false sense of security that what came next is the only case of nope-quitting I've ever experienced.

    I accidentally tripped an alarm and need to disable the lockdown to continue on, so I make way to the security office and begin the process of disabling it... but it doesn't seem to be working. I hear a bang above my head and look up just to see a panel fall from the ceiling. Something moves in the fog, snake-like, uncurling itself... and falls to the floor. I'm startled, but not scared yet. Slowly, it stands... it's no "man in suit" - it's impossibly thin and lanky, completely inhuman, and it's huge... I've forgotten I was playing a game, and I'm panicking as much as my character is. I drop the controller and that reminds me I'm wearing a headset, and rip it off my head, pulse racing at 170.

    It took me about 20 minutes to calm down before I was able to pick the game back up again. It triggered a kind of existential fear response I've only ever felt twice before: once during a night terror as a child, and once when I was pulled out to sea by a very nasty rip-current and exhausted myself trying to get out of it (I was thankfully saved only by a very attentive lifeguard).

    So if you see me harping on how we need Alien: Isolation updated for consumer hardware, it's because I consider it, far and away, not just the greatest VR game ever made, but one of the greatest PC games ever made.
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  • ZunhsZunhs Posts: 3
    My first magic VR moment was when I played Subnautica for the first time. Especially when it turned to night and there were lots of glowing alien sea-creatures around me. It still is the first I show friends and family when they come over to test VR gaming.
  • JeangerardJeangerard Posts: 4
    My first WOW moment was when I found out that Oculus can't figure out how to change a users ID. This was after I entered the first thing that came to mind that wasn't used already because the install program said, "Don't worry. Just enter any name to get started, you can change it any time in the future once your account is created." (Or something along those lines.) I was downright flabbergasted that Oculus refused change my account ID unless...! Get this...! unless I was willing to repurchase all software and, presumably, hardware because those serial numbers wouldn't be transferred either - therefore voiding warranties and such. 

    I had resigned myself to never using this forum, using any software that would publicly display my user ID, or friending anyone in the Oculus 'verse because my userID is so stupid. 

    My second WOW moment came just minutes ago when someone on Reddit told me how to change my user name here on the Oculus site. Why was that a Wow moment? Because in a discussion with Oculus support which took place through email, consisted of about 12 different exchanges with as many different Oculus support members NOT ONE OF THEM suggested the user name change function on this web site. Untrained? Or worse, shitty attitudes?

    My third WOW moment came even less minutes ago when I realized I still can't play games online unless I am willing to play under the guise of my original userID. (Which is a full, nonnegotiable, nope.) 

    I know high school kids who can do what I'm asking over a weekend. 

    Want their #s? Or do you like being pigheaded and substandard? 
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    edited July 2017
    Username changes are a recent feature, so that is why you just found out (I think it launched like 2 weeks ago). I was under the impressive username changes would work online, but maybe there is a bug. Can you submit a support ticket? That is something we will need to look into. Thanks.
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  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,666 Valuable Player
    Im going with Mission ISS.
    Completely emersive moving around with the touch controllers and just wicked cool to actually float around exploring the ISS.

    I think ive logged more hours on the ISS then other games.... though I havent really had much playtime since im working on the house.
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