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Scratched my A lenses, not made anymore? (DK2

CorseCorse Posts: 2
So i was attempting to clean my lenses and have historically used Lens Pens, which has worked.  I've also used the microfiber cloth.  But unfortunately tonight, it would appear some dust was caught up in the lens pen and now there's scratches on my A Lenses.

I reached out to oculus and they've apparently stopped making parts entirely and recommend I reach out here.  Is there an aftermarket replacement for the DK2?  Or does anyone have a nice sealed pack of A lenses they'd give up?  I'm actually really surprised they don't make replacement lenses out there with the amount of DK2 that's out there.


  • brantlewbrantlew Posts: 540 Oculus Staff
    The B lenses are identical just with a different sized eyecup.  I remember for a while there were people printing out parts to raise the height of the B cup to convert it to an A.
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