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Project Cars doesn't install

BullgearBullgear Posts: 3
Hi all,

I have many titles already, and no problem installing any of them yet. Now all of a sudden Project Cars does. It stays in 'not installed' folder and gives me the install option arrow in the icon. After clicking it counts/installs from 1 to 100% and after that goes back to download screen and says: "23,26 of 23,27gb downloaded"...flashes 3 times..and then I get the message: "sorry, oculus can't install this software"..

I can't uninstall it obviously, and I can't re download it because it says "purchased" and takes me to the install screen again...
I rebooted, took all power off ..dissabled anti virus software, I re installed oculus software..

I'm lost..



  • ColinBColinB Posts: 236
    Nexus 6
    Out of HDD space? Or SSD too full?
  • HeHVRHeHVR Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    I have exactly the same behaivior. Goes up to almost 100% during installation and then 3 times I I get a message that the App could not be installed.
  • HeHVRHeHVR Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    I found the reason. You have do stop Your anti-virus programm during installation. Don't forget to active after installation again. That should do the trick
  • K0ffieboonK0ffieboon Posts: 8
    That did not work for me anyone else has an idea why project cars is not installing?

  • K0ffieboonK0ffieboon Posts: 8
    [Error] [5-7-2017 20:04:07] Segment 'd0745fa96cfa4594c0571644fba06a149f225f6998b5c2fb9e76cff1a511fa4b' doesn't match its SHA256
    [Error] [5-7-2017 20:04:07] Segment 'd0745fa96cfa4594c0571644fba06a149f225f6998b5c2fb9e76cff1a511fa4b' failed too many times.
    [Warning] [5-7-2017 20:04:07] Oaf IPC connection lost!
    [Debug] [5-7-2017 20:04:07] IPC connection destroyed.
    [Debug] [5-7-2017 20:04:07] Exiting with code 40 (ErrorValidatingSegment).
  • RedHaze1911RedHaze1911 Posts: 5
    I Have the same problem. This is crazy.... cant play the game i paid for. 
    Bought Project Cars during the summer sale and it wont finish installing. Flashes a few times and gives the notification. 

    Anyone have any ideas???
  • ZappovitzZappovitz Posts: 2
    I also have this problem ... and I'm told to visit Oculus Support, but it seems that only is for hardware???!?!?!?
  • PugVikingPugViking Posts: 1
    How has this not been fixed yet? I'm having the same problem!
  • Falcon30r1Falcon30r1 Posts: 1
    Same problem here , mailed support many times and no solution yet 
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