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Echo Arena: Beta Feedback

BB_CoolcatBB_Coolcat Posts: 23
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(after my last thread was lost somehow after editing it...AGAIN....creating a new one)

I have played a few sessions Echo Arena by now and quite like it :)
Some feedback:

  1. The tutorial does not match the game: In the tutorial thrusters can't be used continuously and have a UI element on the hands. However the tutorial is telling you they can be used continuously, like it actually is in the game.
  2. The tutorial could be a continuous thing, without all those loading screens in between. The maps combined are that big that they couldn't be in memory as a whole?
  3. It took me quite some time to figure out the catapults in the launch tubes. Then finally there was some other player launching with like twice my speed. So I followed that guy the next round to figure out what he was doing. Ok, you have to grab that catapult thing and push yourself off and let go in the right moment. However there are some issues: Sometimes the catapult launches like 2 seconds later than in other times? Don't tell me that isn't a bug and intentional, because it would be really annoying if reaching the disk first is just a question of some random roll of the server? The other issue is that in 2/3 cases I get stuck in the small raised thing at the end of the tube, you might want to make that smooth as it is quite frustrating.
  4. Wrong colored players in the game?!!! I had the case where a blue player spawned on the orange side?! (Or is that some intentional feature where you can trick enemy players by wearing their colors?)
  5. I often get stuck in my cable and have to unwind myself. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a reset view button. This might work like this: Hold down button, the view fades to something where you see the walls of the Oculus guardian system and some arrows guiding me quickly to whereever "forward" is. When releasing the button I'm back looking in the same direction as before, except that my body is now positioned optimally again for the front-facing setup and I'm not stuck in the cable anymore.
  6. It's quite annoying to have to respawn in the sleeping pods after each round. Why not respawn directly in a random launch tube? Possibly the "random" should be mirrored with the other team. (However, it's nice that the current respawn can be used to reset the view, see 5.)
  7. After a match don't put me back in the lobby! I would expect some kind of "ready checkbox" most games have. When you tick it within like 45sec, you stay in the match, otherwise you drop out. Whoever drops out is replaced by new people from matchmaking and a new match starts. (In the current setup, at the very least put my directly in matchmaking again.)



  • BB_CoolcatBB_Coolcat Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    On more addition:
    1. You can grab and get dragged by other people in the game. That's awesome! However, in the tutorial, where you follow the guy, you can't grab him. The tutorial really needs to be consistent with the game, otherwise it's worthless.
  • Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
    edited June 2017
    Yeah wish you could  rematch when you had a good game. Most of my games are against people who aren't as experienced, or skilled. Starting in random tubes would be annoying since you'd have to relocate. The entrance has some strategy elements to it.
  • ZejchZejch Posts: 32
    Brain Burst
    3. You can push off the catapult in the last moment. It will give you more speed. You can hold someone who uses catapult and push off him in flight. It will give you superduperspeedboost. You can go to discord channel for that kind of questions about tricks.
    5. I prefer to look one side in my room. There is a comfortable system of turns with a right thumbstick.
  • ChaokoChaoko Posts: 1
    I cannot rave about this game enough. I have posted everywhere about how much I loved it. I do have some feedback though. 
    1. You guys might want to think about ending the match when the ball connects with a wall instead of just the hard cut off when time is up.
    2. Please let us remap buttons on the controllers.
    3. Please keep in mind that the game mirrors on the desktop and some of us have 3 monitor setups. An option to pay that more in windowed mode would be great!

    Again, thank you so much to you guys and your team. Great job!!
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,447 Volunteer Moderator
    This was mentioned on Reddit, but I'll repeat it here--I'd love to see both thumbsticks capable of turning your character, instead of just the right one. Currently it's an easier action to turn right than to turn left, given the resting position of the thumb. Having both sticks functional would allow us to turn left with the left hand, and right with the right, or just use whichever hand we prefer. Also, maybe it could allow us to double up and use both sticks to turn around faster.
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  • netshamannetshaman Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    Ok , during all the beta i was in the impossibility to reach a multiplayer session, i was stuck in the lobby, and sometimes never been able to exit the capsule, all other players were overlapping themselves in the center ( where were are the consoles ) , a poor experience i got there... :/
  • AQfumesAQfumes Posts: 133
    Beta seems to be still going, if anybody didn't get to play. 
  • BB_CoolcatBB_Coolcat Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    My thread got somehow duplicated (twice!). After being in moderation and gone for 5 days the other threads now somehow reappeared. Yeah. Please ignore the other two threads with the same title. (If you are a moderator: you can delete the other threads).
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