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The Guys who did the Doom VR mod, working on anything else?

RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,023 Valuable Player
edited July 2017 in General
Does anyone know if the guy who did the Doom 3 mod for VR is working on anything else? One of the best experiances I've had in VR and I wasn't even going to bother with it at first. Would he be able to do something with Alien isolation or any game for that matter, like he has done for Doom 3? What does it take for a game to become VR compatible like Doom 3?


  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
    @Samson @2EyeGuy i believe lovey is referring to you 2 fine fellos
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  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,023 Valuable Player
    elboffor said:
    @Samson @2EyeGuy i believe lovey is referring to you 2 fine fellos
    Great, maybe they can comment. Would be great if they were working on other VR mods.
  • AndyW1384AndyW1384 Posts: 307
    lovethis said:
    What does it take for a game to become VR compatible like Doom 3?
    For the source code to have been released publicly - as it was for Doom 3 BFG. Without that, it's almost impossible to get Touch support.
  • SyndroidSyndroid Posts: 242
    Nexus 6
    edited July 2017
    Some open sourced AAA games that I'm aware of are Quake 1-3, Doom 3 and Duke Nukem 3D.
    Touch support can theoreticly be added to a few moddable games like Half life 2.
    Alien Isolation is none of them. the game once had native VR support which is currently being re-enabled by another guy.

    Regarding other games, you might want to try that old Quake 2 mod, which recently had been updated for the CV1 with partial Touch support..
  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,153 Valuable Player
    it does seem that AI may be on its way however, albeit i dont think with touch support.

    touch would be the cherry.... but just the game working properly in VR on a pad is plenty of icing on the cake for me..... :)
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  • BoxDroppingManApeBoxDroppingManApe Posts: 60 Poster of the Week
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