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Loving Medium,But a few questions and suggestions

JinsariaJinsaria Posts: 1
First off, I am adoring Medium, As a professional artist it brings a whole new point of view for concept art and sculpting.
Looking forward to seeing more. I have a few suggestions and ideas,Some simple and some complex, All from the point of view of a career 3D modeller
  1. Brush/stamp scale: can we please see brush and stamp sizes unlinked from layer resolution. I have several kit-bashing sets that I work with on a regular basis, Loving using them in Medium but the maximum brush size being tied directly to layer resolution means that my more detailed kit pieces can't be used without breaking or lost detail as they can't be scaled up enough to retain detail. Or they simply break entirely. Brush limits also means it is difficult to smooth over large sections of a higher resolution model.
  2. Grids and snapping: Could we please see some precision tools in the future? A 3D grid and angle snapping for making cleaner and more accurate hard surface designs.Being able to snap the line tool to an angle, or snap larger stamps to a grid would be wonderfully helpful.
  3. Axis/working plane constraints: It would be nice to be able to constrain my working plane to the XY,XZ,YZ planes to make thickened 2 dimensional sketches and layouts. or set a working plane similar to the flatten tool, for as an example, Precisely engraving a model
  4. Stamp orientation: It would be nice to be able to choose the up orientation of stamps when we apply them to models, I know this can be worked around by changing their up axis before importing. But in some cases I would like to use a stamp as a negative to cutout a shape, Or align them differently. There are also large kits that are impractical to fix every model in, that are aligned to the wrong axis for use in the surface mode of the stamp brush.
  5. Layer parenting/linking: Being able to link layers together so they are connected but still separate for the purposes of modeling would be amazing. For example the eyes in a character's head, Or a character's hair. Both models that should not actually be part of another model but should move with it.
  6. A move brush: Not going to go too much into detail on this since i've seen it mentioned before and a response made
  7. More symmetry options: I would love to see the ability to change the number of mirror planes when working with symmetry.Perhaps tied into the Lathe tool rather than part of the mirror tool
  8. A "lazy mouse" setting: Many people who have used traditional art software like SAI or some modelers like Zbrush are probably familiar with the "lazy" option, Allowing you to make more precise and less shaky movements by having the brush actually dragged behind a sort of elastic band
  9. Curves:A curve tool that can be shaped,filled or even have stamps arrayed along it and adjusted with the standard B-spline formula would be amazing.
Thank you for your time,And keep up the amazing work.


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