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Can't Play or Uninstall Minecraft

bduerksen30bduerksen30 Posts: 2
I got an error when downloading/installing Minecraft Windows 10 Edition in the Oculus App (basically stopped downloading at 3% and threw an error), and now I get the errors OVR75318303/1971014 whenever I try to play it. I've attempted to uninstall the game so I can re-install, but the app won't lets me click through the prompts, says it's removing, and then remains in my library. Any suggestions? I've also tried claiming my Minecraft Windows 10 code through Microsoft and installing it through their app, and while I can start Minecraft that way once I'm in-game there's no way to make it recognize I'm in VR and I just end up staring at the ground. 


  • CrazyDave90CrazyDave90 Posts: 1
    Hi bduerksen30.
    I had almost the same problem. Try uninstalling minecraft windows 10 edition from your computer then from the oculus library if its still there, restart your computer. Re-download/install Minecraft windows 10 edition in the windows store(not oculus) start the game and check that its playing ok on you computer screen, then install minecraft from the oculus store. 
  • bduerksen30bduerksen30 Posts: 2
    That's the problem- I try to uninstall it from the Oculus App and it says it's removing it, but then it stays in the library. Can't remove it. 
  • SHamel96SHamel96 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem
  • Fredd32Fredd32 Posts: 251
    Nexus 6
    edited August 2017
    Try removing it from the windows store app first.
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