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Chromatic aberration and flare

Joe931Joe931 Posts: 22
Brain Burst
edited August 2017 in Support
I got my new rift couple days ago and I noticed that the chromatic aberration and flare seems
 to be more obvious than the one I purchased on last year.

The CA appears at around 1/2 circle of screen, not at corner. It can be easily observed
when looking at white and black edge/fontswhere shows purple and dark yellow.

Another thing is that after doing several times of lens adjustment I still cannot get
one circle, there are two circle overlap.

Even though the rift works well playing games and watching 3d movie,
the optical quality seems not good enough compare it to the previous
one I got.  Does anyone have the same issue.


  • HiCZoKHiCZoK Posts: 230
    CA appears when Your headset is not set correctly on YOur head. I had to put mine a bit higher on my head with strap more on the lower back of the head.
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