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I always get message "Sorry taking the to load of this problem persist" message

Star-lizardStar-lizard Posts: 347
Hello iv had my oculus for little over a week now and one thing iv noticed is I always get the message that says something like " Sorry taking time to load if this persists......"  When I load any game or vr app 
  Is this normal cpu highest usage iv seen during loading is usually below 50%
Intel 6700 processor 
Amd Rx 480 8g gaming 
16g ram 

Best Answers


  • Star-lizardStar-lizard Posts: 347
    Ok thanks, being new to this it's nice to know what's normal 
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 793
    Yeah have this with some games/apps even from SSD. Just ignore :)
  • DryReefDryReef Posts: 5
    I get that message and it never loads and says game has stopped
  • ogflatlanderogflatlander Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    Good thread.  I always get this and just wait for the game to load thinking that it is my mechanical drive but knowing some folks with SSD's get this as well makes my HDD upgrade less critical and gives me time to find the right deal.  
  • Kinky_JalepenoKinky_Jalepeno Posts: 13
    edited August 2017
    I get that message every time I run a new VR game because my Anti-Virus needs permission to allow the Rift to send an audio stream back to the PC.  In simple terms I have to push my headset up and click the "remember my choice for this app" and allow audio stream, after that no more "taking too long idiocy" for that particular game/app.

    TLDR; when it happens, lift ya headset up and look at ya screen for permission messages :)
  • Star-lizardStar-lizard Posts: 347
    I'll watch to see if anti virus is slowing things down thanks 
  • SSGHamiltonESSGHamiltonE Posts: 4
    how come this happens with some games and not others.  climb, aces high.  both won't load.

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