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Rift stays black

edited August 2017 in Support
Hi All,

I just wanted to start my Oculus after I came back from my holidays, but it didn't want to.
It won't show any picture even though there is no error.
I have no idea where this problem is coming from and how I possibly can fix it.
Sound is fine though...
Can someone help?



  • droseofcdroseofc Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    No picture or sound? Black on monitor and in headset or just headset? Are you opening oculus home directly from oculus shortcut or by running a game? If it stays black in headset but not monitor fom running a game, sounds like you have to disable warning notification again, prob updated since u last played and needs disabled again or just acknowledged. Id open oculus home from shortcut. Then, on monitor, go to settings and either disable or re-enable then disable safety notification warning setting. Unless its just not opening on monitor or headset...
  • droseofcdroseofc Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    U said sound fine sry. Deff sounds like health warning thing. Its a notification you have to acknowledgr (unless disabled) b4 bn able to game and if u run a game shortcut directly you may not ever see the notification however it will not display until you accept it. I disable and after updates reenable and disable again. 
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