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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Experiences

AngryEmoAngryEmo Posts: 4
So, i bought and played bridge crew and i can tell ya it was a BLAST.
I was a little scared at first, u know, playing live with others but every one was awsome. Real friendly (and patience with me) and played for the last 2 days 8 hours (4 hours strait a day) and time flyssssss.
Just one thing, not many girls/women seems to play it but in 2 days well guess have to play more :wink:

Although im 49 y/o (i know im oldddd) when i play i feel young again its realy that much fun for me!

Soooooo, what your experience with/in this game? just curioous...


  • DevilstowerDevilstower Posts: 94
    Hiro Protagonist
    I'e played just one time with other human beings, but it was a delight. That's true even though -- or perhaps especially because -- the captain of our little crew was rip-roaringly drunk. That probably made the crew a bit more tolerate of my performance at the helm, and certainly kept us all entertained as we waited for coherent orders. 

    Though I'm not a very social gamer (I'm one of those people who would join an MMO in the old days, then hike off to see just how big the world was or how many quests I could complete on my own) the ST: BC experience was great fun, and genuinely enhanced by having other players..

    Oh, and 49 isn't old. Trust me.
  • SadGamerDadSadGamerDad Posts: 337
    @AngryEmo   I sent you a Uplay friend request. I'm a big fan of bridge crew and looking to crew up for random adventuring in space and if anyone is interested, recording them for my YouTube channel. 
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