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Export with Vertex Colors and Layers

blummblumm Posts: 28
Brain Burst
Hey There,

I'm trying to get my models into Blender, which I have done so far. But I did not found a way where the model keeps it layers AND vertex colors. If i you a .obj the layers are there, but the format does not support the colors. If I convert via meshlab or other programs into .ply or .dae i get the colors but only one mesh in blender.

I have searched the forum, but did not found a export guide for this case. Is there a good export pipeline for my wishes. 

I'd be happy for help! thanks a lot :) and cheers!


  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,715 Valuable Player
    Yeah, if you want vertex colours and layers you have to hide the layers and export them individually. Any reason why you don't want to use UV's? They export with separate meshes and albedo and normal maps
  • blummblumm Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Okay thanks a lot!

    No, not a special reason just my learned "workflow" with materials in blender :smile: but I'll give it a try!
  • MartinityMartinity Posts: 139 Poster of the Week
    Fbx exports both layers and colors. Doesn't that work with Blender? 
  • blummblumm Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Oh yes! You are right! FBX seems to work. Thanks you! Now the Blender Struggle starts again :smiley:
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