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Dropped battery from Fury. Glitched inside object, no new battery available? (Spoilers)

I grabbed the needed battery from the Fury after the checkpoint where the unknown ship has arrived from the anomaly.
i am looking for Liv and need to get a sensor going, but due to a glitch the battery dropped 'inside' the maintenance bay and clipped through the top.
now I cannot reach it anymore, but I cannot call for a new Fury either.
anyone has any tips on getting unstuck? :)


  • LilTrashPandaLilTrashPanda Posts: 65 Ready At Dawn
    Hi @Yskonyn,

    We just recently deployed a patch to help resolve some of these issues with quest items not respawning. If you revisit this area, could you please let us know if you continue to encounter this bug?
  • epomp447epomp447 Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    maybe try looking for one in a different fury transport. hope it works out for you.
  • SmokeGliderSmokeGlider Posts: 3
    Also having issues with batteries.  Replaced the battery at the primary dig site but it ran out and had to replace it a second time.  Now the battery receptacle at the dig site and at the Fury transports won't accept batteries.  The locking mechanism at the dig site wont open to accept the battery, and the Fury won't lock the battery in.  And Jacks hand get glitchy too,
  • ogflatlanderogflatlander Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    At the main dig site I charged the battery but went somewhere else and now there is no battery in the Fury or on the dig site.  Am i screwed where i have to start over?  No close fury's to see if i can find another battery.

  • aerodyneaerodyne Posts: 40
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    edited September 2017
    SmokeGLider, I too couldn't charge it on the Fury as the battery wouldn't lock into the holder thing. I jumped on set it's coarse for the main ship and just let it sail off. It was replaced by another Fury coming back from the main ship (you always pass one heading in the opposite direction when travelling )
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