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Coming Soon - The Invisible Hours - "Immersive Theater" whodunit

SadGamerDadSadGamerDad Posts: 337
edited April 2017 in Games and Apps

I like the idea of being a fly on the wall to solve a murder mystery. It's like the board game Clue come to life. 



  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 16,375 Valuable Player
    I would definitely try this! Having to be at the right place at the right time to witness a conversation? Yep, I recently posted about how I used to love this genre element, which is very pronounced within "interactive movie games" :

    And one of my old school favorites is Dracula Unleashed:

    When this game comes out, I will certainly be giving it a shot.
  • SadGamerDadSadGamerDad Posts: 337
    edited October 2017
    Update: I'm going to be livestreaming this in the evenings this week as I really enjoyed it! If anyone wants to watch, sub to my channel and click the bell to get the notifications. Here's the first part which I've barely made it into Chapter 1 of 4

  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    Haven't picked this title up just yet but definitely plan to do so very soon! This is such a great idea for a VR game, glad to see it added to the store. Personally, I wouldn't mind more great mystery VR games...
  • Protocol7Protocol7 Posts: 333
    This is an excellent concept, I am tempted to buy it
  • Stryker1000Stryker1000 Posts: 489
    if someone updated the 7th guest I`d certainly be very interested
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