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Overflight now has full controller support?

BeerMe67BeerMe67 Posts: 3
I haven't seen any recent reviews for Overflight but yesterday I did stumble across the Twitter account of the chief developer for the game and noticed he'd tweeted that the game has been updated quite significantly. 

A new plane (Bf109) has been added plus 2 new maps.  Best of all though, they have apparently added full controller support which means that the Gear VR controller can be used like the sticks in a fighter plane to control pitch and roll (unsure of yaw). 

I don't get my Gear VR for another couple of weeks yet, has anyone else played the updated version and can confirm the above?

I'm really excited to try this out now, even more than before!


  • BeerMe67BeerMe67 Posts: 3
    If anyone is interested, I've had all of the above confirmed by one of the game developers staff on Reddit.  Sounds like they have big plans for this :-)
  • Hawkeye232Hawkeye232 Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
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