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Problem with launching games X rebirth VR

mike93290mike93290 Posts: 2
I can not launch X rebirth VR, it closes within a second after launching it.

all my driver is updated, windows and oculus too.

configutation: windows 10 (64 bit)
GTX 1080
i7 6700K
all my other games work perfectly.

any help would be helpful, thank you.


  • DNACowboyDNACowboy Posts: 180
    edited December 2017
    Did you sign up to the 'public testing channel' ? If you did try rolling it back to Classic Home (under settings/beta) and boot, I find rolling back resolves the problem. Also, I have read that rolling back your gfx drivers can also resolve the issue.
    Who is John Galt?
  • mike93290mike93290 Posts: 2
    no the two solution does not work.
    but thanks

    other ideas?
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