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Archangel is not a Windows 10 exclusive, and almost nothing else is either

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
edited December 2017 in Games and Apps
While I would certainly have liked to try out Archangel during the free weekend on the Oculus Store, as too many other titles it is WRONGLY rated as being for Windows 10 only, so the only way for a Windows 7-8 user to try it out would be to download it from anywhere except the Oculus Store...

Now that the Oculus Store has a refund policy : Stop blocking those downloads (replace them with a non blocking warning or something...).

There's basically only two type of Windows 10 exclusive content I'm aware of :
- The titles that would require DirectX 12, which ~nobody in their right mind requires precisely because it's a Windows 10 exclusive feature that would ~halve their software sales.
- The very few titles that happen to use Windows 10's software ability to duplicate the desktop in VR : And even most of those (such as "Virtual Desktop" and "Bigscreen Beta") have moved on to ~double their market by including their own built-in software ability to duplicate the desktop in VR on Windows 7+ too (with the notable exception of the "Oculus Rift 2.0 update", I guess...).


  • Xboxmember1978Xboxmember1978 Posts: 88
    Hiro Protagonist
    I completely agree. I was wanting to try Raw Data but of course Windows 10 only. Steam reviews all over shows being fine on other versions however I refuse to get from Steam. I send an email to the developers of Raw Data and they said they been trying to get it resolved for months with Oculus
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