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Disable the mirror most games have?

CodiousCodious Posts: 2
Is it possible to disable the mirror that opens up on the desktop when you launch most games?

I want to use oculusmirror.exe to do all of the mirroring for streaming purposes - because its the only way I've found that displays the dashboard and oculus home, as well as any game with out the window changing (which means no need to go to the PC to micro manage OBS). But launching a new game creates a second mirror for that game, and that extra window can screw things up for my OBS layout, and some games even want you to have the mirror as the active window on the desktop. Plus having two mirrors just hogs screen space. 

I have been searching for an answer on this, but all the replies to people that have asked this are along the lines of "it doesnt effect performance", and then give no solution on how to disable the mirror.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    As far as I know, this is not a user configurable option. 
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  • CodiousCodious Posts: 2
    darn, :(. well thanks for that info. 
    In that case:
    (dev suggestion) It would be cool if one day, those pop-up game mirror windows could some how be injected through the oculus mirror. so that if your opting to use oculus mirror, it would somehow act as a wrapper for the game's specific pop-up mirror, eliminating the double mirror windows.
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