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games not installing..

Tzachi_lfTzachi_lf Posts: 2
just got the Oculus Rift and I did all the setup, but I only able to download games through steam and not through the Oculus App.
in VR mode or in the desktop app I pressed download and nothing happened and it said that I have the games in the library but not installed and when I pressed install and nothing happened as well 
I've installed the oculus app on SSD drive with only 30GB storage left... do I need to uninstall and change the game's directions? 

thank for the help.


  • EmJaeLOLEmJaeLOL Posts: 3
    Were you ever able to install games? If so, could you help me? I'm having the same issue. I'm doing things correctly. It's impossible for me to install anything. Steam... no problem. Pretty neat. 

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