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How do I get my speakers to work without unplugging my Rift from my PC?

IzzyGrizzlyIzzyGrizzly Posts: 2
I've read somewhere that taking off headset is supposed to relinquish audio to main speakers automatically, but that's not happening. The headset screen turns off when I remove it from my face, but the audio for any other app plays exclusively on the mounted Rift headphones. What do I need to do?


  • MolockMolock Posts: 11
    It should switch automatically this did happen to me when I first set up my Rift on my PC. I went to the speaker icon on the bottom right of the windows desktop and switched it back to TV manually (I run my PC through a TV not a monitor). Ever since I did that it has switched automatically. I'm sure you must have switched it manually at the speaker icon, and it is still not working automatically. I only mention this because in your title it say's you are solving it by unplugging your Rift your PC. It made me think that perhaps you may not have tried the little speaker icon. It might not solve the problem of it switching automatically, but it should be better than having to unplug you Rift.
  • IzzyGrizzlyIzzyGrizzly Posts: 2
    Thanks, I'll try this!
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