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3rd sensor and performance ?

DentifreakDentifreak Posts: 21
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Maybe a stupid question but does adding a new sensor can impact performance ? Suddently, I need to lower the graphics settings of a lot of games since I added a 3rd sensor.

I like to configure my games up to the maximum but still having steady 90 fps but now it seems I need to lower a little bit every games (exept ones that don’t need performance at all).

When I enable the Performance HUD with Oculus tray tool, I used to configure my games until it’s between 10 to 20% left. Now, for a game that was in that zone, it’s now under zero and I didn’t changed any settings in those games. I have to lower them again to be in the 10-20% zone. And, in some games, sometimes when I turn my head the image is not loaded in time...not very fun...

I don’t have tracking problem with my touch controllers.

I didn’t update any drivers and windows update is disabled. The only thing different is I added a 3rd sensor and my roomspace is now bigger.

BTW, one sensor is USB3 another is USB2 and the last is plugged in a USB3 port but is detected as USB2.

I tried several Nvidia drivers (even driver I was using when it was working fine) without any improvement. 

One game that was running really well was From other suns. Now, with Performance HUD enabled, I tried setting the lowest settings, lowest supersample and I'm always on the 0% headroom (didn't test other games that way). I remember I have some stutter in Killing floor I didn't had before.

BTW, my CPU is never at 100% while playing.

Can an overloaded USB controller slow down the whole system ? Beside Rift, I have several other usb device connected like keyboard, mouse, steam controller dongle, xbox controller dongle and probably other I don't think of right now. Note that I didn't add any usb devices since adding a sensor.

MSI B85M-E45.


16gb of ram

gtx 1080

What I need to test : 

1- Removed a sensor

2- revert back to oculus core 1.0 (I'm using dash 2.0 but before adding this 3rd sensor it was running just fine in 2.0)

3- format/reinstall windows ?



  • falken76falken76 Posts: 3,066 Valuable Player
    My guess is that it is the Core 2.0 Beta.  I have an I7 7700k, 16gb ram and a GTX 1060 6gb.  When I added my 3rd sensor it had absolutely no effect on a games graphic abilities whatsoever.  I have from other suns and it plays just fine.  I leave all my settings on default because changing the super sampling is like putting Anti Aliasing up to max back 15 to 20 years ago.  It looks good on a still frame, but if I'm actually playing the game I never notice those tiny improvements that cost so much in resources, though you have a nice card so I doubt super sampling is doing it.  I had Core 2.0 Beta but it was buggy and it broke my dual monitor system so I couldn't use the extended portion of my desktop because the mouse wouldn't leave the boarder of the primary monitor.  I would put money on your performance coming back if opt out of the beta and go back to an official release of Oculus Home.
  • DentifreakDentifreak Posts: 21
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    yeah I'll try it when I'm home but it was working fine with Core 2.0 when I had only 2 sensors...
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 3,066 Valuable Player
    I'm not sure then, but it couldn't hurt to try going back to pre-beta.  The sensors being on 2.0 USB is fine, it shouldn't cause any problems.  Maybe an Inatek card would help because you connect your power from your PSU to the card and moving some of your USB to that inatek card would spread the usage out over both controllers internally.  If there were power issues from the one controller, it might be managed by spreading the USB to two controllers.  But I really have no idea if this is actually causing the problem.

    Worst case scenario you could open a support ticket and they'll probably find some sort of conflict w/ hardware or software causing this, they'd most likely find it in the logs.

    One thing I would try before reverting back to the official release of Oculus Home, I would just remove the 3rd sensor and see if the performance lag goes away as soon as you remove it.  If it does not, was there any software that may not be rift related that you recently installed on the computer?
  • DentifreakDentifreak Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    Ok I tried

    1. Updating all my drivers
    2. Disconnecting my second monitor
    3. Remove all unnessary usb devices
    4. Back to 1.0
    5. Do the sensors setup again
    6. Changed my second usb3 sensor to usb2
    7. Tried with two sensors
    8. Etc...
    No effect...
    Only thing I didn’t try is to enable windows update again and install all the latest patches...

  • EliteSPAEliteSPA Posts: 1,560
    Project 2501
    edited January 2018
    Adding a 3rd sensor doenst affect your perfomance in apps. Front sensors should be plugged into 3.0 and rear sensors on 2.0.

    i7 6700K @ 4.2 GHz | Corsair 16GB DDR4 PC2300 | GTX 1080 Ti | Asus z170-Pro | Corsair RGB Strafe Keyboard | Logitech G27 | Oculus CV1 + Touch + 4 Sensors | Win 10 64 bit | Acer Predator x34 @ 100Hz
  • DentifreakDentifreak Posts: 21
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    OK I MAY have found something. It seems I get stutters or bad performance when there is disk access. I remember when my games were on an HDD, I had this kind of problems but I moved to a SSD and the problems vanished.

    I’m still running on SSD but it seems the problem is back...I don’t understand why...
  • DentifreakDentifreak Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
    edited January 2018
    Well, I found the problem

    In all my tests I tried to rollback one version of Nvidia drivers but it looks like going even earlier with this version fix my problems

    So there is a problem that is going on with certain configurations for several versions...

    From other suns is now running super smooth like before!
  • Rob_In_PhoenixRob_In_Phoenix Posts: 344
    Glad you got it figured out.  And thanks for reporting back on your solution.
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