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Can anybody share a Mage's Tale save file? :(

kuhnekuhne Posts: 20
I found out the hard way that Oculus does not store game save in the cloud (wtf!) and I was playing the Mage's Tale. I was at the point where you need to put some items into some kind of statue or something right before you are shown where your master is, or something like that. It isn't that far into the game but I would rather not play up to that point again, especially since the game wasn't that good up to that point but seemed about to get better.

I forgot about it completely because I bought Lone Echo and that got me hooked but now that I finished that game I would really like to finish the Mage's Tale.

I wish I was of more help as to where I last stopped but I think it was when I finally reach the master's lair and he has a bunch of items lying around and you need to find them first then put them in some kind of statue/device in front of his store/place and that sort of opens some passage and I think you get to finally see him kidnapped or something.

I remember doing those things then going to sleep. Next day Windows 10 creators update did what Windows loves to do and ruined my machine so I had to start from scratch and I had no backup of the gamesave folders due to me thinking it would save in the cloud.



  • ploogploog Posts: 39
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    Sounds like you were near the end of the "Roscoe's Emporium" level, if I recall correctly. Had you just killed a giant in a big open area outside the room in question?

    I'm half-way through creating "insanely incremental" game saves for Mage's, and have collected saves for everything through the end of The Crone's Lair* -- so I should have what you're looking for, with the caveat that my saves include all prior collectibles, spell components and secrets discovered.
    • NOTE: As of the 25Jul2017 (via a hotfix post-patch 1.5), players who find themselves stuck within walls or otherwise seemingly glitched into immobility have the ability to perform a "Panic Reset" to revert their character to the last checkpoint/save location. See this inXile forums post for more info.
    That said, given your description, I'd recommend any one of save numbers 117-124 from the Roscoe's Emporium folder under "Insanely Incremental Saves" at the following link:

    * edit: p.s. The above Dropbox share now has incremental saves for the entire game, from The Chasm to the final confrontation.

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  • ploogploog Posts: 39
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    p.s. The Mage's Tale game saves are located under your user folder, so you may still have access to your original game saves, depending on how you reset Windows 10 -- or if you're doing data backups as recommended.

    You'll find the Mage's Tale game saves here (under Windows 10):


    As of Spring 2018, Mage's Tale game save files are numbered, 1-4, relative to their position above the cauldron, left to right, and tagged with the ".sav" suffix.  For example:


    OLD ordering:   ... note the file naming/numbering used for each of the Mage's Tale game save slots surrounding the main menu cauldron:

    SaveSlot1.sav == Left-Lower
    SaveSlot2.sav == Left-Upper
    SaveSlot3.sav == Right-Upper
    SaveSlot4.sav == Right-Lower

    So 1-4, numbered clockwise starting from the lower-left facing the cauldron -- and don't forget the ".sav" extension.
  • roblaplante29roblaplante29 Posts: 2
    THX A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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