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New VR Game - Contagion VR: Outbreak

SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 1,328
Project 2501
edited January 2018 in Games and Apps
Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know about this game I saw on YouTube earlier tonight, it's got a free demo on steam, I've got it installing now. Looks awesome!

Looks like a split between Left 4 Dead and that film R.E.C. which is a great combination!

Let me know what you think. :)

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  • Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
    It's pretty good. The demo is not perfect but for the most part it's really well done.
  • DNACowboyDNACowboy Posts: 180
    edited January 2018


    Imagine if you will, Onwards mechanics set in a Left 4 Dead environment and you are half way to understanding what Contagion VR: Outbreak is all about. It's all there, proper firearm operability, melee weapon fundamentals with the ability to target body regions...yes, you read that right, wherever you hit the undead that's what he'll lose, aim at the head? off flies his dead head, said zombie is brandishing an axe? No problem lop that arm off!  And tha's one of this game's shining achievements, CVR:O is FUN.

    Okay, moving on to manipulating your environment:

    Locomotion: The devs got this right from the get go, the gamer has the ability to choose either human locomotion as in Fallout 4 VR or teleportation. However, the developers must implement snap turn before retail release otherwise your gaming VR area will have to be large, very large as you might not be able to easily turn in a 2m by 2m area especially as we're essentially bound by a cable irrespective of it's length (come on wireless hmd's).

    Environmental Atmosphere: Chronologically, the game is well thought out, when the demo starts all is quiet, you've woken up, just back from a trip; however, minute by minute the atmosphere ratchets up the action. At first, minor concern, then disquiet; was that a gunshot I heard? Wait, why are a police cars lights flashing in the alley just below? and what WAS that dreadful woman's scream just now? Now what? What IS that awful groaning behind the locked door? Eventually, via television, you are informed that things are not so great, not great at all..Hold up, isn't that a baseball bat over by the cupboard? maybe I should take it with just in case.....

    Environment Interaction: Again, the devs got this spot on.
    Search: the player is confronted by an 'hourglass' icon to search objects, furniture, bodies, vehciles etc.   
    Action: another icon to represent object interaction (turn on tv's, open doors etc) and the action function correctly, you grab the handle and pull the door/drawer etc open.

    Warning: Do NOT drop anything on the floor, if you do wave goodbye to your prized M4 as its a goner. Can you place items on surfaces? No problem, just not the floor.
    edit, ok, I found a way to resolve this bug, when crouched you can 'tap' the item on the floor with a held item and for some reason that then allows you to pick it up.

    Inventory: The player is given a backpack which he accesses by reaching over his shoulder, he then grabs an item in it with his grip control and then take it with his trigger control. In the dark? don't fret, grab your pack, open it, pick up your torch, turn it on and away you go, and yes, the torch beam is fully directional  :-) 
    Again, like Onwards, your main weapons are on your webbing kit, pistol, ammo, phone, etc, it's all there within easy reach. See that fat undead lumbering towards you and out of ammo? Don't panic, grab a fresh clip from your webbing seat it in your weapon and lock and load.

    One of my favourite moments was (unlike fallout 4 VR) :-( the ability to use BOTH hands to steady my remmy shotty and yes, pump the action with my left hand :-) Mag empty in your M4? Np, slide in another mag and pull that charging handle. The modelling of the weapons is first class and are an utter joy to use.

    Enemy characters: 
    The modelling of the undead again has been implemented well, their movement is really undead-like, considered (for zombies) with one thought in their charming minds only; to devour you in the nastiest, most painful way possible.

    Monochrome have really done themselves proud for an indie dev, thanks guys you have made us Day of the Dead fans very happy. I personally cannot wait for retail, good job.

    In closing, thanks to SkScotchegg for his 'heads up' re: the CVR:O demo, I love the game and will definitely be buying it.

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  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    Looks good I must say .. Entered my list !!
    Be good, die great !
  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 1,328
    Project 2501
    edited January 2018
    I played this yesterday and it was really amazing. Can't wait for final release. Was a good teaser demo.

    Here is pro's and con's:

    • Amazing attention to detail, the graphics and models are awesome, I was stood stairing at the rug in the appartment for ages thinking wow that looks amazing.
    • Good VR hands - Although not perfect but not the worst I've seen.
    • Great atmosphere, very scary!
    • I liked the weapons and how you can holster them on your body - like Onward style, very good!
    • Zombies were great!
    • Story was great.
    • When you got to the part with the TV broadcast for some reason at this point my game started to lag and had tracking problems, like the game spazzed out after this point, I played on to the end but this was a major bug...needs to be fixed.
    • Shotgun reloading with 2nd hand was glitchy and didnt always work.
    • I didn't like the big icons on the cupboards which indicate what you can interact with - can you please make these smaller and less intrusive so as to not take you out of the atmosphere of the game.
    • I didn't like the teleporting - but then once I completed the demo I realised in the starting area it lets you choose "FULL LOCOMOTION", but I didn't see that in the first play through, so please make that more obvious for people as I believe most people will not like teleportation, we only like full loco. I'm going to play through the demo again today with full loco.
    I think that's everything. So hopefully if they polish the game, fix the bugs and make this into a full game with loads more content and weapons, (hopefully a chainsaw!) then this will be amazing, very excited for this game.
    UK: England - Leeds - - RTX 2080 - Rift CV1 & Rift S - Make love, not war - See you in the Oasis!
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,367 Valuable Player
    Thanks for the heads-up, downloading demo now. I don't like all this kind of "find out about your past and who you were" stuff usually, but a decent VR zombie survival game? Yes, please!

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