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Oculus Rift Monitor Detection

JeffNikJeffNik Posts: 153
I got sick and tired of seeing the "your computer doesn't meet <blah blah blah>", so I bought a nice new powerful desktop PC with a GTX 1070. The performance is much better, but I'm getting an annoying momentary screen blank/blackout when I start or quit Oculus Home. Its like it's re-configuring the video arrangement, and if I keep the Windows display settings window open, where you setup and arrange your multi-monitor setup, I see that when Home opens, the Rift appears as monitor 3 (that's when the blank/blackout occurs on one of my two monitors), and when I close Home, the Rift disappears, the blank/blackout happens again. Its not a huge problem,  just annoying and my previous setup didn't blank out periodically, and I don't believe the Rift was ever showing up as a third monitor (or is it SUPPOSED to?). I was hoping someone out there ran into this issue, and knew how to stop the blanks/blackouts.


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    So, the new Rift Core 2.0 creates a new virtual monitor when  Oculus Home is opened .. causing all displays to refresh .. for some, it's a second or so blackout followed by a tiny shift in icons. I believe it has something to do with the new Dash and the virtual desktop. For me on the 1080 I only see the tiny shift in icons, no blackout. I got used to it now.
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,371 Volunteer Moderator
    This is part of the new system that allows desktop apps to be pulled into VR. It does that by putting them on a virtual monitor.
    Annoyingly, the virtual monitor  is added/removed whenever the oculus app starts or ends, which causes the blanking/icon moving.

  • ElektrokochElektrokoch Posts: 1
    Problem is, if you use 2 or more monitors, the huge resolution of the vitual monitor 3 messes up all the setup and arrangement of the original monitors. This leads to weird behaviour or the mouse if you move your mousepointer into monitor 3.
    So, PLEASE, leave us the option to disable the virtual monitor in the future to be able to use the existing setup without the hassle of needing to open occulus solftware and close it every time we switch from pure desktop to VR.
  • HappyHimitsuHappyHimitsu Posts: 993
    Another multi-monitor user here, and I gotta say it is indeed slightly cumbersome. Surely there must be a more elegant solution...
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  • uKERuKER Posts: 174
    Same thing happening here. 4K TV + 1080p monitor hooked up, and it's a mess.
  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 390
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  • Kaptain941Kaptain941 Posts: 1
    +1 on this being very annoying, especially as somebody who doesn't use the view desktop functionality
  • SwirlyMapleSwirlyMaple Posts: 29
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    I just discovered something very interesting about this. I don't think this behavior is the way it's supposed to work. I made a post here talking about the driver RiftDisplay.inf and if the Rift still uses it, because Windows refuses to install it for most (all?) users now.

    A couple days ago I managed to force this driver to install by setting my system date back before the certificate had expired (see my post for more info). I thought this did nothing, but...

    After seeing your post here and noticing my monitor did the same thing, I had an idea. I launched the Oculus software with Core 2 beta enabled, and in my monitors list in Device Manager saw that the Rift was popping up as a Generic PnP Monitor. I figured out which device it was, and then manually told it to update the driver to the Rift driver from RiftDisplay.inf. It didn't show this in the list as even being compatible, but after I selected it, it did install.

    And now the very interesting part -- when loading Home now, it does NOT do this screen flash anymore, and the Rift doesn't show up as a second monitor under Windows desktop settings either. Yet it all still seems to work, just without that annoying black flash, etc., because Windows is no longer seeing it as just another monitor.

    @cybereality -- can you somehow pass this info on to the higher-ups that develop this stuff? I'm pretty sure this is a big issue that needs fixed. Basically, that driver still needs to be used, but some recent update of Windows has wiped it from most users' machines, and Windows sees the certificate that signed the driver as invalid so refuses to install it. Because of this, the Rift shows up as a Generic PnP Monitor to Windows, which causes this flash and icon-shift when people launch Home 2.0. By doing what I did and forcing the driver to install (which is a really bad way of doing it), it has completely taken away the issue people in this post are having.

    UPDATE: Well, I was wrong. After testing this some more with the forced driver install to the virtual monitor that's being created, the Oculus desktop in Dash works perfectly fine, but if you pull individual windows out and pin them, they just show an error. Also, with the new TV objects, embedding the full desktop into them also works fine, but trying to embed a single window also gives an error. So maybe this really isn't a fix, but: if the full desktop can work like this, why not individual windows? We really need some clarification on this driver and whether or not it's still supposed to be working, because it seems like on a lot of people's systems after a recent update, the driver has been wiped and will no longer re-install due to that certificate.
  • swiklesswikles Posts: 9
    oh ok so this is why everytime oculus home is opened my two monitors goes black and i my mouse cursor moves randomly it makes sense and i like the idea they are trying to get it so that non vr games can be played in desktop mode which is what i had been doing but with bigscreen beta, i was wondering how i would use the "third monitor" or the oculus would i just set in game as the monitor i want to use?
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