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MetaTable Poker v1.01 (v1.02 has just been released)

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
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On the one side you're playing poker with hand gestures, good graphics (5 different rooms, Casino, Tron, Space Station, Haunted House and Beach), your very own custom made Oculus Store avatar, flashy effects and fun items (shooting hamburgers with the gun...) : It reminded me of my first time playing "Waltz of the Wizard", but with a lot less item interaction, replaced by a lot more player interaction.

On the other side there's no beginner table, so multi-million players bring every last chip to the same table as the new player with his one-time free 10k stack (+1k free chips ONCE per day after that...), and most players get instantly hunted down to extinction, leaving only the toughest, richest, most merciless players still alive for the next first time player to come compete against.

That makes MetaTable Poker the exact opposite of Casino Poker VR, that doesn't look great, has no hand gesture controls or custom avatars (just 5 default skins, and 2 of them are female), even less any fun items... but does provide a solid and at least casual friendly poker game instead.

Want to play Poker in VR : Try Casino Poker VR (when it's back on the Oculus Store).

Want to show someone a great VR poker tech demo, or maybe want to play some really hardcore online poker : Try beating MetaTable Poker's top millionaire players with your one-time free 10k chips.

Both poker games will be receiving a major update somewhere in ~2018Q1 (any day now for MetaTable Poker), which should hopefully help turn Casino Poker VR into a better VR game, and help turn MetaTable Poker into an easier poker game.


  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    After taking a two day break I returned to the MetaTable, if only to check if I had received "1k" or "1k per day" of free chips after running out of chips on my first try : It was a flat total of 1k.

    And from lack of playing the very first thing I did while greeting the table was go grab the all-in button when I tried grabbing my cards to throw them away... there's no cancel button, I didn't even have a pair, and two of the other players were multi-million rich players who wouldn't even notice a 1k raise... so I instantly lost my 1k chips on no less then my first (and last) hand gesture of the day, on my first hand of the day, and on a totally empty hand :)

    Although I now have to wait for another full day to get a free 1K chips back, I'm happy I "only" lost 1k chips this way.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    In the meantime I sent MetaTable Poker the following feedback :
    Too easy to grab the "call" button by mistake, when trying to grab your cards while talking, or trying to throw back an item that landed on your "call" button : Please fix.

    Use a very different hand gesture for grabbing your cards and grabbing the "call" button (like knocking two times on the table while making a fist).

    Place the "call" button further away from your cards.

    Use the trigger button to peek alone at your cards, use the grab button to become able to show (one or both) your real cards to other players.

    Add 1000$ each time a player has run out of chips, instead of doing that only one time per day.

    Add a "beginner table", because it's way too hard for new players to last long without one.

    Set the default height to maximum height instead of minimum hight : we all play seated, so we ~all have to raise back our avatar EVERY time.

    To make things worse, the game mechanic for raising your seat feels a bit clumsy : Please improve it.

    Use the trigger button to : Cancel the chips you are holding in your hand with the grab button.

    Use the  trigger button to : Cancel your last poker action (such as calling, raising, ~burning or going all-in by mistake). But only if you manage to press it before the next player plays.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    Saw a new player come try out MetaTable Poker with his fresh free 10k chips today :
    - 1st thing he did was to learn the gesture to go all-in
    - 2nd thing he did was to learn the gesture to fold, and that he could do it right away even if it isn't his turn to play
    - 3rd thing he did was to learn that if you go all-in then immediately fold your cards : You've lost all your chips

    After that he left : Must have been one of the shortest free trials in VR history :)

    PS : But that same player returned with some more chips the next day (thanks to the extra free 5k chips you get if you decide to provide your e-mail), and it's a good thing he did return because he turned out to be the kind of person I look forward to meeting again.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    I sent MetaTable Poker the following feedback :
    1) When grabbing chips, display the amount of money grabbed over the hand instead of over the stack.

    2) When your hand moves away from the stack , keep displaying how much money it is carrying.

    3) Write "Call" on the white call button.

    4) To call use 2 quick knocks on the "call" button instead of using a button : Prevents calling by mistake when trying to grab your cards.

    5) Display the amount of chips being raised over the raise stack, permanently, to make it harder to mistake a raise with a call.

    6) To "call" a "raise", you have to throw the chips into the table, instead of just click the call stack : Prevents raising instead of calling by mistake.

    7) Use hand gesture (such as a real-life hand twist) without pressing any buttons, to peek at your cards without showing them.

    8) Use trigger button to pick up your left card and show it to other players.

    9) Use grab button to pick up your right card and show it to other players.

    10) Use trigger+grab button to pick up both cards and show them to other players.

    11) Add a short beep sound when it's your turn to play.

    12) Add a long ticking sound when you are running out of time to play.

    13) Display the active player's timer to all the players, instead of just displaying it to the active player.

    14) Use a longer timer on beginner user tables, and a shorter timer on advanced user tables.

    15) Use left thumbstick to move your seat up/down.

    16) Use right thumbstick to move your seat forward/backward.

    17) Remove the "move seat up/down/forward/backward" from the menu options.

    18) In the menu add a "beginner mode on/off" option that is switched "on" by default : When beginner mode is on, the game will ask you to confirm things such as wanting to go all-in, or wanting to throw away your cards : I saw a new player with 10k chips throwing his cards right away just after going all-in because he was learning to play. So his free one-time 10k chips lasted ~10 seconds.

    19) When changing the options in the menu (height, music, mute...) : Remember those options when the player returns.

    20) Allow to mute one player at a time, instead of all the players at a time. Remember which players you have muted and keep them muted when you return.

    21) Add a scoreboard with the top players and their chips.

  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    More feeback sent :

    When the pink timer appears on my right to remind me it's my turn to play : Half the time I'm discussing with the guy(s) on my left, so I don't notice the timer until someone ends up telling me it's my turn. Put that timer in the middle instead of my right side, and maybe even make it move with my headset so it always appears and stays right in front of me no matter which direction I'm looking at ?

    I can no longer reach objects on the floor after using the arrows to raise my avatar : I want Jedi powers to become able to attract items (but not chips) that are lying on the floor.

    New Item suggestions:
    - Add bullet clips for the gun, that have to be purchased to reload the gun : Because everyone likes reloading a gun with hand gestures in VR.
    - Add sparks to the bullets hitting something indestructible : Because everyone likes spark making bullets.
    - Add some items from the Oculus "Toybox" demo to MetaTable (fireworks, laser guns, muppet...).
    - Add floating balloons that you can try shooting down with the gun before they reach the ceiling and pop by themselves.
    - Add a drone you can fly around, but that you can only fly high above the table so it's doesn't mess up the ongoing poker game bellow it.

  • danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,989
    edited February 2018
    i never trust these poke video games, rarely is one truly random and theres always some kind of code in there bastardizing the game so people will have “more exciting” games by altering which cards you get on purpose

    example, everyone gets a flush and one person has an ace high flush, 4 rounds in a row
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  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    Well thing is in this game if you lose, then your chips go to another VR player, and not to some kind of NPC bot rigged to beat you.

    The graphics are good (well the "Tron" room feels too much empty), the Touch interaction is great... Even if you don't like playing poker and don't trust those other online poker sites, this game is totally worth playing as a short-lived free VR tech demo, and a very interactive one too.

    It's just that right now (v1.01) if you want to keep playing it as a game, it's by far the single most hardcore PvP survival game available on the Oculus Store : It's like playing a single persistent online VR world of "PlayerUnknown's Battleground", but with permadeath switched on. Good luck making it through your first day, because most players don't.
  • TravisPNWTravisPNW Posts: 78
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited February 2018
    danknugz said:
    i never trust these poke video games, rarely is one truly random and theres always some kind of code in there bastardizing the game so people will have “more exciting” games by altering which cards you get on purpose

    example, everyone gets a flush and one person has an ace high flush, 4 rounds in a row

    It happens in the casino too....

    I once had J10s... flop comes Jc, 10c, 10d... I just call a huge bet with my boat... turn is Ac... he's all in, I obviously call, he flips over QcKc for the royal flush.

    LOL  I've got many stories over the years just like this one.  I've been on both the winning and losing ends of miracles.

    Regarding flushes... I've seen 3-4 hands in a row with a flush being the winner.  I've seen 3 people flop a set... I've seen 3 people have a flush in the same hand.

    You'd be surprised...   I've also seen a flush on the board with 5 people in the hand and nobody had a suited card in their hand so it was a 5 way split.

    It's been a while since I've been to the casino though.  It's much easier to lose to miracle BS against players who call everything when it's only play money.

    I did go on a cruise last August and went to the poker table and first hand I got dealt J3 in the BB and flop came JJ3... had a guy betting into me and I was just smooth calling and it ended up being over a $600 pot.  He had 3 of a kind.  A couple days later I hit quads against his boat for another pot in the $500 range... and between those 2 pots I paid for my cruise.... or should I say he did.


    He was a good sport about it though... even gave me his card.  A Facebook engineer out of California who probably didn't miss the money anyway.

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  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited February 2018
    Update : V1.02 has been released, I'm downloading it now.

    Patch comment for V1.02 is : "Table buy ins, bankroll, new tables with low to high blinds and buy ins, bug fixes and improvements "

    Too bad if you already lost your one-time 10k chips before this V1.02, because now is the right time to bring them to the MetaTable : Just make sure you stay in the first basement room, instead of going to the "MetaSpace" table where all the big players are gathered.
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