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MarculusMarculus Posts: 28
edited October 2013 in General
I was wondering what kind of controller would fit best for a VR-World. My very first thought was gloves, but then how do I move my character now? I'm pretty happy with my steeringwheel and pedals for racinggames. Maybe pedals or some sort of foot-controller in combination with gloves and vr-glasses would be most comfortable?

The p5-gloves looking pretty solid, apart from missing haptic feedback.

What do you think?
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  • FritoFrito Posts: 924
    i like the idea of haptic gloves, but we do need something to hold... so im thinking stem+tactical haptics is the way to go for gaming, maybe gloves would work well for virtuernet (i just made that word)
  • servili007servili007 Posts: 14
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    Hehe, I still have my P5 from back in the day, and I think it still works. I opened it up several times to learn about the LED and sensor system and make myself a little head tracker based on it. I was thinking about breaking it back out for the oculus, but let me just say that it may be a far from perfect experience.
  • Totally agree, STEM / tactical haptic is the way to go. Someday, perhaps we are going to need more "sensible" controls in our VR-Worlds. We've captured the basics in gaming, everything else is just about fine-tuning it. Gloves sound very naturally in this case.
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  • Why is the thumbstick so offset on tactical haptic?
    I'd have placed it on the front (not on the top) so you could actually use it?
  • TheHolyChickenTheHolyChicken Posts: 31
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    Mark79 wrote:
    Why is the thumbstick so offset on tactical haptic?
    I'd have placed it on the front (not on the top) so you could actually use it?
    Because what you're seeing is a very rough prototype, and not the finished product. The buttons you see on top is actually a Razer Hydra(!) frankensteined into the controller. They have said that the controllers were the large size because they needed to guarantee enough space to experiment with the haptics. The product coming to kickstarter will be much smaller and a more suitable shape.
  • Ah, thanks for the info, TheHolyChicken. Looking forward to the kickstarter.
  • ZigguratZiggurat Posts: 49
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    I will just leave this here
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I think a data-glove is the ultimate controller for VR. I hope a decent glove will come out eventually.
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