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Touch Controller not found - calibration is not working

sCOREscreamsCOREscream Posts: 29
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Everything worked perfect. After the Nvidia Driver-Patch 390.77 I got many problems. Black screen - after a break coming back to the Rift the screen was black. Additional it happened sometimes after a normal start. So like I read I uninstalled the new Nvidia Driver and installed the 388.59 Version. After a restart my Guardian System was off, so I tryed to recalibrate it and my touch controllers can't be found..... I need to calibrate the rift again, BUT in the Sensor-Tracking Section the system let me know the controller is found, but after I pulled the trigger and circle ends it shows everytime "touch controller not found"

Please, I hope someone is out there to help me, I am helpless :-(

The USB connection for all 3 sensors is OK

All Connection shown as working and OK

WIN 10 - 64bit

Intel Core I5-4440

Geforce GTX 1070

Fresco Logic USB Controller

...I have reinstalled the my Fresco Logic USB Host Driver and also resintalled the 388.59 grafic driver, I also disabled the fast start option like shown in another forum topic.

Please help if someone has an idea


  • sCOREscreamsCOREscream Posts: 29
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    I think the Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3.0 in combination with Windows 10 is the problem. I do not understand why its not working any more. I tested different drivers now ( FL2000-2.1.34054.0 and FLUSB3.0-3.8.33709.0) but nothing works. I can enter the Rift, go into my virtuell living room, take a look on my games and so on, also I can see the touch Controller hands, but the Guardian System is off, also it turned 90° and the Sensors not workoing correct. Calibrating always ends in the "can't-find-touch-controllers"-ERROR.

     Ist horrible :-(

  • sCOREscreamsCOREscream Posts: 29
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  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,776 Volunteer Moderator
    This card has known issues when used with Inateck Fresco Drivers, uninstall the drivers and reboot, let windows install it;s own Microsoft Version, this should fix the problem for now.
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  • sCOREscreamsCOREscream Posts: 29
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    Thanks! Repair tool helped!
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