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3D Videos only play fine in theatre mode "Void" (Oculus Video)

stna1981stna1981 Posts: 1
Hi all,

I converted a Blu-Ray 3D movie into a .mkv SBS video and copied it to my Galaxy S7. I'm able to open and play the video in the Oculus Video app, but it only looks finewhen theatre mode "Void" is selected. In other modes, the image is totally unsharp and malformed. Moreover, also in Void mode, the 3D effect is only visible as long as no tools are displayed like time bar, pause buttons etc.

Am I doing sth wrong here? Why do I only get the right video in the Void mode and not in other modes? And is it normal that the 3D effect gets disabled when there are additional info displayed on the screen?

Best regards



  • FunKingFunKing Posts: 43
    Brain Burst
    Hi,  Stefan!

    It is normal to have the video in monoscopic mode when the controls are shown - this is by design. In stereoscopic mode an object in the video can be very close to your eyes, and if they are closer than the controls this can cause some discomfort for the user.

    I'm not sure, but I guess the same goes for the Void vs theater mode. Anyway, I'd want only the stereoscopic video in my view, with nothing else to distract me.
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