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Quill and Medium both not loading

erinjerrierinjerri Posts: 18
I've had errors since before the latest Quill update. I am using my GPU and already downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my TitanXp.

This is the error I have. What is wrong with my configuration?

[-2] src\Engine\mymain.cpp::Quill::MainApp::Init (475) :Can't attach HMD to window.


  • schevrelschevrel Posts: 55 Oculus Staff
    You need to plug your monitor(s) in the same GPU where your rift is connected and not to the built-in ports on your motherboard. If you don't have enough ports of the right type, you will need an adapter, such as a DVI-to-HDMI depending on your exact configuration.
  • erinjerrierinjerri Posts: 18
    Wait so I don't need to send in a zip file to Quill (like they said on Facebook)? However Quill and Medium operated before even having such an adapter?
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