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how to map Gear VR touchpad in Unity to move player in scene

Ju4nlJu4nl Posts: 13
edited October 2015 in Samsung Gear VR
It may be a simple question, but I'm not finding the way to map it correctly. I've tried this: ... er.287619/, but it is not movin when building for mobile, though I can move through the scene in the Unity editor. So, I'm missing something.

Does someone have a screenshot to check how the inputmanager should be set map in unity?



  • did u find nay thing so far??coz i am stuck here as well
  • hassankhassank Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    It's been a while since your original posts, but here's a tutorial, video and free project I made on clicking to teleport! I could make one specifically on touchpad movement if you're still interested.

    Hiro Protagonist
    To be honest, sadly questions like this still appearing on the forum SHOW, without much of a doubt, that oculus doesn't seem to care about the Gear VR platform. Haven't tried the grab and grabber scripts in the utilities recently, although did last year and those scripts didn't function either. 
  • M100FATM100FAT Posts: 1
    edited July 2018
    Got it to work with these settings, when you download and import the GearVR utilities these are normally set to Joystick axis 16 or something like that, change them to the X or Y axis and then use: Input.GetAxis ("Oculus_GearVR_DpadX")
    Or: Input.GetAxis ("Oculus_GearVR_DpadY") 

    It's a swipe kind of motion, you swipe and then hold your finger pressed at the end of the swipe, the length of the swipe sets the strength of your input.

    In my case I wanted the inversion off but in a lot of cases you want to keep that on.

    Not sure if "Get motion from all Joysticks" matters but it doesn't hurt as long as you don't also use controllers.

    Sorry for the popup in there but dont worry there is nothing out of the ordinary under there snap is off.
  • danielladcolldanielladcoll Posts: 3
    Have you happened to get it to work using the Gear VR Controller? I've been trying to move the camera rig as if it were a FPS, but I haven't managed to do so... Just a simple forward motion to begin with.
  • danielladcolldanielladcoll Posts: 3
    (Without using Teleport)

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