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Oculus Store minimum OS requirement : 2 years and still not fixed...

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
So same old story, I notice an Oculus Store title I might buy (Radiant Crusade this time), and I won't buy it because it is WRONGLY listed as being a Windows 10 exclusive.

With ~half of the VR users not using Windows 10, no developer in their right mind would even create a Windows 10 exclusive VR title to begin with (except for Microsoft/Minecraft...), but yet the Oculus Store is still LITTERED with those imaginary Windows 10 exclusive requirements...

And to make it worse, the Oculus Store won't even let you download Windows 10 titles on a Windows 7/8 desktop, so although you could just download them and run them fine, instead you can't download them at all *facepalm*

My options :
- Buy on Steam : Because it's correctly listed as a Windows 7+ titles over there, as usual...
- Upgrade to Windows 10 : Don't hold your breath, considering how many years I spent skipping the upgrade to Windows 8
- Ask the developer to fix his Oculus Store OS requirement : I did that for "REC ROOM" and it worked... But most developers answer me that the Oculus VR team keeps completely ignoring their multiple request for lowering their title's minimum OS requirement from W10 to W7+...
- Contact the Oculus VR team to tell them to just let me download Windows 10 exclusive titles on my Windows 7 desktop already, so I can finally go check by myself what if I really can't run it (after you've finished spamming me about not buying it for Windows 7 through my whole purchase process) : That's what I've been asking you to do for TWO YEARS !!!

Happy anniversary Oculus Store : Looking forward to copy-pasting this exact same message for your third anniversary event... not.


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    Where are you getting over a half of VR users being on windows 7? This is the official developer hardware report:

    Core i7-7700k @ 4.9 Ghz | 32 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance @ 3000Mhz | 2x 1TB Samsung Evo | 2x 4GB WD Black
    ASUS MAXIMUS IX HERO | MSI AERO GTX 1080 OC @ 2000Mhz | Corsair Carbide Series 400C White (RGB FTW!) 

    Be kind to one another :)
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,879 Valuable Player
    edited March 2018
    Windows 7 is not even supported by MS anymore - it needs to die like windows XP did in the past xD half the shit doesn't work anymore on the internet either and half of that supported features will not work well on a Window 7 because it doesn't offer low level access either. 

    Yes, most things people ARE coding for windows 10 and not windows 7 anymore unless it just works because it does. It doesn't mean they are programming actively for windows 7 anymore.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited March 2018
    It's the exact opposite : ~Nobody is coding exclusively for Windows 10 (starting with a clear and very revealing lack of DX12 exclusive support), ~everything works fine on Windows 7 (except what doesn't work on Windows 10 either, or is exclusive to Windows 10 such as Microsoft's version of Minecraft), and low level access has never been better since the Meltdown/Spectre attack method was revealed.

    As for my numbers they come from Steam's hardware report : It doesn't matter one bit if 100% of the office computers took advantage of the (free) upgrade to Windows 10, if ~half the PC gamers haven't.

    Let me go check those numbers for February 2018. Hey guess I was really way off, Windows 10 users don't represent ~half of the PC gamers, they represent less then one quarter of PC gamers (23.68%) :

    When you're developing exclusive gaming content for Windows 10, you're leaving out around 76.32% of your customer base, or if you prefer, leaving out more then 3 out of 4 potential customers : good luck with that.

    No idea where you two guys are pulling your crazy numbers and religious beliefs from, but as a hint you should stop using Microsoft statements as reference, when you go check your facts about Microsoft products *facepalm*

    Unless you REALLY believe that Microsoft's version of Minecraft desperately needed Windows 10's advanced features to be able to run, of course...

    Seriously you two : You work for Microsoft, don't you ?
  • gr0bdagr0bda Posts: 276
    Nexus 6
    edited March 2018
    Dude, you gotta move on with the OS. I hate new environments I hate change, but I did it rather early on when it was still free (hated, just hated win 8.1 and never installed on any of my computers). But Win10 is quite alright, to the point where I don't ever care to go back to Win7. Eventually MS will stop supporting 7 completely, and you will be forced to, just like Win XP users.
  • Rob_In_PhoenixRob_In_Phoenix Posts: 344
    Cyril, what exactly is your aversion to Win10?  I used Win 7 for years and loved it.  I then moved to Win10 when I bought my Oculus a year and a half ago and like it even more than Win 7.

    Issues like what you're encountering are only going to get worse going forward with Win 7. 
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    edited April 2018
    Windows 8 was the path to the future, I skipped it fine anyway.

    I've got a lot of issues with an OS upgrade, such as ending up having to buy a new printer and scanner (and more) each time I switch OS  (in fact I'm using a Windows XP emulator in Windows 7 to run my perfectly working XP scanner). And the problem with that is that I barely ever use either peripheral (although they're incredibly handy to have the few times I do happen need them). It doesn't help that I don't need a scanner/printer upgrade to begin with, and that even Epson/Canon brands fail to provide drivers for the next OS.

    To this Windows 10 added a new artificial requirement : When you change too much hardware (motherboard...), you have to buy a new Windows 10 license for it. Thank you, I needed that.

    So the day I switch to Windows 10 (definitely not before CV2 comes out), is the day I switch motherboard, and the day I switch motherboard (instead of just maxing it's CPU and keep upgrading it's GPU), is the day I have the need for one... which as it turns out, is not today (think next generation of PCI-express motherboard slots, affordable GPUs for it, and something to benefit from it, such as the CV2's resolution).

    Again, it doesn't help that the CV1 runs fine on my current PC, that there's a world wide GPU pricing problem, and that ~all current generation CPUs have been revealed to carry a critical hardware flaw... suggesting this is entirely the wrong time for me to be switching motherboards to begin with.

    Yes, it certainly doesn't help that Windows 10 is filled with spyware (that unchecking all the install settings won't finish removing, unless you're using the Enterprise version), but that's just adding one more company spying on everything I do online (I stopped counting them), and I guess that's one super advanced Windows 10 feature that probably had no problem being added into the otherwise seriously outdated and not worth supporting Windows 7 OS anyway...

    Did I mention all the issues early adopters always have to deal with with EVERY major Windows upgrade (Windows 10 included, and CV1 support included) ?

    And that I don't like installing a new motherboard even when I have to, and that when I install a new OS I don't want to perform an upgrade but a clean install, and that I have a slow enough bandwidth (~1GB/hour) that it will take me days if not weeks of non stop downloads to get everything running again, etc... etc... etc...

    If you want more reasons I can add some...

    But just allowing me to download those typically fake "Windows 10 exclusive" VR titles already, would be so much more interesting to do.
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