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Why Stream Theater? My Take on it....

indy361indy361 Posts: 72
Brain Burst
edited January 2016 in Samsung Gear VR
Well, as all Gear VR owners know, there is a lot of video content available but we lack games. We lack FPS shooters, racing games, RPG games, and the list goes on and on. BUT, many of us have PC games out the whazoo! And 3D gaming has flourished on the PC for a while.
So now we enter the age of VR. Sadly there are games out here for various VR headsets (cardboard, Gear VR, etc) that are completely missing the point. VR is not only about immersion, but scene DEPTH is crucial to its success as well. Too many times the illusion of depth of field is ruined by 2d visuals pasted into what should be a true 3D experience. Take Bandit Six Salvo as an example. This game could have transcended to all new levels were it not for its lack of depth of field pertaining to the vehicles. They missed it. So its only a good game that could have been a GREAT game.
By contrast, check out RIGS for PS4. Even though this video isn't in 3d, you can tell that these guys "GET" it. If you get a chance to see a real demo of this game you'll be blown away!
Gunjack almost got it right. But like one other reviewer pointed out, "Once the camera moved forward and I couln't see my arms and legs anymore, the feeling of depth was diminished." And the enemy ships were questionable as well.
Now I do realize mobile VR is limited by the power of our devices. Programmers have to cut corners for now. But then we see a game like "Evil Robt Traffic Jam" which has amazing visuals and depth and we say wow! Or Tactera (hey E. McNeill we are starving for your game! Help us out!), and we know Gear VR games can be Awesome! And Anshar Wars 2 makes a pretty good case as well.
But for now, PC gamestreaming to our Gear VR is a great alternative. Yes Stream Theater only has a big screen view but its very customizable and the 3D depth can be amazing. Plus you get to play many PC AAA titles as well in 3D! You can move the screen closer or further away to your own liking. Looking through the Gear VR isolates you from outside distractions which is HUGE for immersive gaming. You can use the head tracking feature. It has joystick support. So check out my uploads and see for yourself what its like to PC stream to your Gear VR. It opens up new areas of enjoyment. ... 55MNxxohpQ


  • EMcNeillEMcNeill Posts: 158
  • YaelAtYaelAt Posts: 4
    edited April 2018
    Now I only have to get it working on my S7 :| We really need some officially supported entry-level VR/virtual big-screen solution for PC-streaming to cut down on the frustrations. Only, I fear it will not be, as it would compete with the manufacturers own more premium solutions (dedicated VR headsets, wide-diagonal PC screens/TV sets).
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