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Replacement Save Files for Lone Echo Progression Issues

rad_marsrad_mars Posts: 6
Hey guys and gals,

Here is a list of Lone Echo Master Key Save files (consecutively ordered) that will allow you to progress past any game blocking bug that you may have encountered along your zero-g journey, such as not being able to socket a fusion core or battery or reset the sensor array; if you're encountering crashes or black screens, this may help you, too. The downside to this work-around is that it will reset your collectible tracker. You can still go back and collect what you've missed.

In order to apply these save files please follow the instructions below:
  1. Navigate to the game’s save directory in the Oculus folder
  2. Default location is C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\saves\slot0
  3. Copy and paste the original save file you intend to replace into a safe location, such as your Desktop (just in case the new save file doesn't resolve the issue)
  4. Paste the new save file into this directory
  5. Play game and have funs

(SPOILER ALERT: Please only read as far down as you need to, as there may be hints to certain plot developments)

  • This save will start you at the beginning of the game
  • This save will start you just after the Tutorial sequence
  • This save will start you in the cargo hold of the Kronos station, just before Liv asks you for your choice of missions
  • This save will start you in the cargo hold of the Kronos II station with all missions complete, ready to head to the airlock EVA area
  • This save will start you just outside the airlock of the Kronos II station, ready to start the exterior missions
  • This save will start you at the Depleted Dig Site with all exterior missions completed
  • This save will start you at the Depleted Dig Site after having completed the Sensor Array scan of the Anomaly
  • This save will start you in the damaged Kronos II station
  • This save will start you near the Fury module after having activated the Damaged Satellite
  • This save will start you in the airlock of the Unknown Ship
  • This save will start you in the Unknown Ship's AI room
  • This save will start you in the Unknown Ship's Pod Room with the generator online
  • This save will start you in the Unknown Ship's Life Support Room just before you are reunited with a certain someone...
  • This save will start you in the Unknown Ship's Reactor Room after having completed the activation mission
  • This save will start you on the way to the Unknown Ship's Bridge with Liv
Let us know if this works for you guys or if you have any issues. 

Thank you for playing everyone!


  • TheKestrelTheKestrel Posts: 8
    I appreciate some kind of fix but could you maybe have put IN ORDER TO APPLY THESE SAVES FILES at the TOP of the post so I didn't have to scroll past the spoilers?
  • TheKestrelTheKestrel Posts: 8
    Sigh... I'm never going to finish this game...
    I have saves. I know I do. But when I go to put a save file where you tell me to put it:

  • TheKestrelTheKestrel Posts: 8
    edited November 2017
    OK, so I manually created the folders that I didn't have.
    Launched the game.
    Went to LOAD...
    Tried what I thought might be the new file?!? It wasn't.
    Battery thing freezes again.

  • TheKestrelTheKestrel Posts: 8
    My bad. On my D drive...

  • rad_marsrad_mars Posts: 6
    Thanks for the feedback TheKestrel! The instructions have been modified so that they appear above the save file listings.
  • nyanofyourbusinessnyanofyourbusiness Posts: 1
    Saved the files
    Replaced them with current files
    Launched the game
    Loaded Slot 2 though none of the saved files were located, only begin thread

    Any steps that I may have missed by chance?
  • paul.donohue2paul.donohue2 Posts: 2
    links no longer work, stuck at airlock crash
  • therealhnktherealhnk Posts: 2
    +1 for links

  • rad_marsrad_mars Posts: 6
    edited May 2018
    Hey guys, sorry for the delay! The links have been updated. Let us know if you run into any issues.
  • therealhnktherealhnk Posts: 2
    edited May 2018
    thanks, you're awesome !

    I try a savegame and it works like a charms
  • VegasKnightsVegasKnights Posts: 1
    Hi I am stuck at "You only Liv once..."  I am at the task of the defibrillator and Liv is still sitting up in the chair (not IN the medical pod)  hence, I can not connect the paddles to complete the task. So, I am stuck.  Any ideas?  Thanks
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