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Echo Arena match making dilemma

AymitoAymito Posts: 44
Brain Burst
I think we all like to know the concept behind Echo Arena match making algorithm
because when it put 3 player level 50 team against 3 player under level 35, it will eventually be a one side game,
so I like to know the concept behind this, at least put one level 50 with the other team to get a more balanced game play. B)


  • b-twiceb-twice Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    I have asked this many times myself and get no valid explanation... In fact people seem to snarl at me for asking... I have turned into a professional spectator because of the highly skewed matches I always wind up in.
  • AymitoAymito Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    Maybe we need some new options for match making , like select a balanced game or hard game or easy game, this way we could have more control on what we get based on this new options, this could ease off some  decisions for the mach making algorithm.
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